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V1 sti cdb long engine

savage bulldogs

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This closed deck long engine is out of a low mileage (sub 80km) v1 sti and is currently running 347 hp @ 1.2 bar .

Both simon (jgm) and clive attowe have both mapped this car and remarked at how sweet the engine is .

it hit 350+ hp during mapping but, boost was backed off due to the 440's maxing out .


This engine will fit any version 1 to version 4 scoob

collection preferred £650 ono

Price includes short block and heads only .

Thanks for looking


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The version 1 STi engine was fully blueprinted and hand built. Only a few hundred were made, it wasn't until the version 3 came along that they were mass produced on the production line.

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Nice to have you back adam [emoji41] Yeah I've done loads of research on the v1 sti's and my brv has owned this one for the last 3yrs .

Unfortunately we broke one a while back with shoddy arches and a break in the loom (causing a intermittent fault) and that's where the engine in my v3 came from.

If I hadn't have spent a lot of time and effort rebuilding my cdb I would have kept the engine in the scoob to try to keep it original as possible.

I know the engine's quite old but , I'm sure the first person to hear it run will buy it as it's a sweet lump running good safe power @1.2 bar

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