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Forester Diesel


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Hi, had my Forester Diesel for a couple of week's now and I'am getting used to it.

driving around town I find that I only use 1,2,and 3rd gear.Don't think its designed to be driven at 30mph in 4th.

Would like to know if a simple repair /service manual is available, looks like changing the fuel filter could be a bit tricky, oil filter on top of engine easy accessible.Like the car very much, sat nav a bit noisy .no one as made any comments on my previous post. Thank's for any comments

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it's the RMP's what's important not really the gear you are in, diesels do have high torque at low rpm


fuel filter might have a tap to realise water at the bottom of the filter but i'm not familiar with the Subaru diesel engine

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We've got a new forester diesel while wife's XV is in shop, it's a very good engine/gearbox combination to be fair. Cruises nice on motorways and is pretty easy around town. XV is the same as it's the same configuration. Not sure about the outback diesel but I imagine its a similar configuration as the forester and XV on the new ones.

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