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new and bit lost


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hi all after a new car not sure of what to buy impraza wrx (09 plate ish). focus st mark 2 facelift. mazda 3 mps not sure which to go for. I guuess whichever one I see a really good one for good price ill get.

but my question is. if I buy a wrx impreza. will I be able to modify or change the rear bumper to sti spec for twin exhausts. as twin exhausts have really grown on me lately

my plans for the car (whichever I get) will be to remap. fit preformance pannel filter and fit a catback exhaust to make it rawr. apart from that just grt the car looking nice and spotless. nothing to extreme.

thanks for your time

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Can't see why not, it would mean getting a complete new bumper with the cut outs for the exhaust.

Not many hatchbacks on the breakers market so getting a bumper would mean big expense.

Might be better investing the money in an STI from the beginning.

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Wotcha and welcome - I did the research with just those parameters / requirements - the MPS was initially the first choice as we were driving a Mazda 3 series sport at the time but it comes out shocking from a driving perspective - you will be fighting it up the road. The Focus is a better choice over the mazda but take an STi for a test drive back to back against a Focus - ensure you are in S# mode, sells itself


let us know how you get on - and the smile, it gets sort of permanent  ;) 

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