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Towing with the Legacy


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Just an update on towing a caravan with the Legacy  - its a good work horse and so far shown to have bags of power - really pleased with the auto box ratios in sport mode.    Had a few trips now and have been monitoring water temperature through the OBD11.  Whilst the dash water gauge does not move, the actual temperature goes up 10 degrees to just under 100 when towing.  Pleased with this as it remains more or less constant.  Would like to monitor auto box oil temperatures but do not have the advanced reader - hopefully just as constant. :ph34r:  

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I've owned two Legacys that I've used for heavy towing, both were 2.5 autos. One of them had a gearbox oil cooler that had been fitted by the previous owner and that one always seem happier when used on a long run. The standard car would sometimes 'smell' hot and on the odd occasion the gauge would start to rise.

This may be a Subaru forum, but when it comes to really serious towing the only car I can honestly recommend is a Land Rover Discovery!

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