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GB270 rear end rattling


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Evening, I have recently purchased a 07 GB270. Past few days i have heard a rattling coming from the rear of the car, I thought the spoiler may be loose but is solid on the boot, it only starts when i take off and never hear it when at speed. Clueless ??? me too. I dunno if its the rear diff? the suspension or the wheel bearing, had a look under today but no visible signs. Any one had this problem before on the GB270 or even on STI. Would like to find out what it is before taking to garage. Cheers w333tag

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Was on about this with nick and dave the other day, they reckon its just drivetrain noise his sti does it and he's had it up on ramps to find out and can't see anything that would cause it.

Can't remeber for the life of me exactly what he said he thought it was but I'm sure he'll be a lon in a bit

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