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ground wire or earth straps


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Messing about in the garage yesterday , I decided to take the shroud off the bottom of the engine.

( Forester 2010 D ). There are two braided ground straps left & right side of engine . One of these 

had completely corroded away . After reading how important these are and the effects the electrical

circuit I replaced it with a much stronger copper cable .Wonder why there so flimsy and I guess are

only replaced when things go wrong.  

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Many electrical problems on older cars can be traced back to a bad earth. I have a home made earthing kit on my GT-B and it has improved things greatly. Everything from radio reception to steering feel is better (the GT-B has electric speed sensitive power steering).

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No photos to hand, but from memory I ran a cable direct to the Battery from each of the following...

1 cable per cylinder head (the GT-B has coil on plug ignition).

Inlet manifold.

1 cable per suspension tower using the same connection points as various OEM earth cables.

I'm sure there were six but I can't remember the other one at the moment!

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