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Custom hand brake (parking brake) lever


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I've grown to like my Subaru Forester XLN apart from driver comfort, so I've been thinking of buying a newer model. 


The only problem is, on every other newer Forester I have seen the parking brake handle is canted to the right.  I am a very big fellow so I find this position pushes into my left thigh. 


Is there any way to get this changed?  Anyone seen an alternative that doesn't do this? 


Anyone know a custom parts maker who might do something here? 


I'm wondering if the reason for this strange right facing lever is a cosmetic one, or if its needed for some technical reason, e.g.: the travel of the gear lever would tend to get in the way of the parking brake handle. 


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Ive tried having a look to no Avail, maybe go into your local Subaru too see if it is needed to be like that, i would say you could change it for a smaller handle, it should twist or screw off.

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Hello, I hear my ears burning !

Can you take a picture of the offending handle ?

Do you have a low ratio box lever in the centre console as well as the usual gubbins ?

It does seem strange that it's offset surely that would cause injury in the event of an accident, mines an older model but I have at least 4" between the gear leaver left in reverse and the top of the handbrake.

Have thought about replacing the seat ? Plenty of comfy 2nd hand impreza forester & legacy ones around that may enable you to sit an inch or so higher and not get stabbed in the leg

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What you could do - does require a bit of work though - is fit a brake lock lever - this puts pressure to the rear brakes via the hydraulic lines, they are smaller than the handbrake lever and could be mounted in a place more suitable






PS. link is to show examples - I know you can get them in the UK

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