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Hunting for a Hawkeye WRX!


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Hey guys,

A few months ago I joined the forum, asked for a load of advice, and had the cash ready for a tidy 07 Hawk WRX. Well...

The deal fell through, the wife nagged and nagged because I had just sold my 350Z and we didn't have a car, so I bought a junker for a grand. 2 months later I have a budget of about 6K plus the grand I should hopefully get for the junker.

I say Junker, but to be fair it's a bit of a laugh, it is a (Wait for it...) Saab 9-3 turbo 205BHP! (Hey at least it has a turbo!)

Anyway, I'm back and the need for a WRX is getting to me. A friends uncle took me out in his bright red 2007 Hawkeye recently and the smile on my face was huge!

The criteria; Needs to be a Hawkeye, needs to be a saloon, needs to be 'That Blue'. To say I'm excited is an understatement!

Apologies for what now appears to be trolling on my last visit, I genuinely wanted one then and am DESPERATE for one now! Wish me luck guys!

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great to hear, are you looking at any on pistonheads etc? - try to buy with your head not your heart - take someone to view who does not want the car that way you will stand less chance of buying something you may not be happy with... easier said than done though eh??? :D

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Also, I've mainly been looking at eBay classifieds for the last few days. The wife is due with our first baby on 30th October so that's taken president over everything else obviously.

I will check Piston heads out in a bit as I've bought and sold a few cars on there over the years. I think I have a decent budget as the car from before was at 5k. Ideally I still want a relatively factory car, perhaps with STI wing as I'd be upgrading that myself and the price of genuine STI parts isn't cheap lol

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congratulations - you are buying an ideal family runaround ;)


sounds like you have it all sorted - know what you mean with the spoiler - Ben is a member on here and does a tasty alternative :wub:



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Good choice , tho Saab turbos are good cars too I had a aero 9-3 hot , my mates took the **** as I was 24 but it was fecking fast and sounded good !!

Hawkeyes , well your looking at the 2.5 lump , some horror stories about but most my research found that good looked after examples were trouble free but ..... If you can find one with a forged rebuild buy it !!

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