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Forester 252 bhp


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Had quote from Adrian Flux, was almost double the price for a standard 2.5 however our own insurance company asked if it was the 227 bhp or the 252 bhp model, when we said it was the 227 bhp with PPP upgrade fitted they said they wouldn't insure it.

As far as I know there wasn't a 252 bhp model....but there is one on their database hence the question. 

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Have a word with you insurance company and just tell them it's the 252 bhp model as thats what the prodrive pack claims to bring it up to.

If it does have the ppp you should have a cretificate confirming this as it was a dealer sanctioned upgrade,

Personally I don't find flux to be great with their quotes, mine was silly from them last year and I had loads of problems, try mark richards, or keith Michaels &sky all are brokers but normally very competitive between themselves

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