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front caliper change and brake bleeding


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I follow a slightly different order as I was advised brakes are liked diagonally to stop the car from spinning


I do ns front os rear then os front ns rear.


the main thing is do all of them and keep an eye on your reservoir so you dont suck air in to the system again ;)

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Something to watch out for. I replaced one of mine last year with a reconditioned unit and the pistons started sticking after a while. When i took them out to have a look i found lots of slimy silver paint inside. Looks like they painted the inside aswell as the outside.

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I'm the same as jay and im sure the workshop says to bleed them of set but if your just doing thr fronts and have rubber hoses still just use some mole grips too close the hose off remove the caliper should have to bleed it all then unless you drain it. And wanted to put fresh stuff in.

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