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First subaru HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello all

I've just bought my first subaru, after years of owning Honda's

It's a early 98 impreza reg in feb, it's a 2.0 turbo 2000 awd.

Now to the issues, I put on a autobahn fmic, and that's where my issues started ran fine for 2 days little bit more power and sounded really good. But the the management light came on and wouldn't rev past 4k wen you go hard on the throttle. Then if you slowly go on the throttle it will rev past 4k but the will fuel cut, the code it's coming up with is code 44 turbocharging control signal. We have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, and boost solenoid but no change and I'm running out of ideas, the speedo has now stopped workin! Any ideas guys? Cos I'm getting to the point of regretting getting a subaru :-(

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