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Engine scan gauge


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Hi. I've just installed a gauge to read various engine parameters, such as water temp, torque, air temp, rpm etc.

I can also check fault codes, and extinguish engine fault light.

I bought through Amazon, :

Kingmansion ELM327 WIFI wireless OBD11 car auto diagnostic scanner adaptor.

Price (delivered) £19.55 of which ££7.99 was for quick postage!

Note: the Bluetooth connected ones don't work with iPhones.

I downloaded various iphone apps (os 7),

And eventually got most to work.

I first tried revlite for iphone.

This worked but u have to pay for most engine info.

It did let me get device to work though without cost!

At first for a couple of hours I thought the ELM327 was faulty!! And wrapped it up to return to Amazon!

Then unwrapped it and tried again.

Later I went for a cuppa and tried again!!

Then back to the internet, trawled many forums etc and cracked it!

Thank u binary factory and Guillaume Ross.

In his words:

Connect ELM327 to obd2 socket. (Usually hidden under steering wheel (16 pin connector)

On iphone SETTINGS, Choose to connect to a wifi network.

The correct one should be obvious , select it.

Follow arrow to go to advanced settings.

Set thrip address to ' 'STATIC''

Insert new IP ADDRESS: and


Leave other settings as is.


In car, start engine. The IBD-11 port provides power to the ELM327, but you are more likely to get more info from engine with it running.

In whatever app you have downloaded, CONFIGURE the connection to use a custom TPC CONNECTION with IP

And TCP PORT 35000

Hopefully you will then be able to read engine outputs. Depending on app depends how many items u can see.

I think this post has run too long


The Conman

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I have auto updates on so I know I have the latest.

I've left mine plugged in, it must need a very low charge. I've had it constantly plugged in for a few months. I think the longest I had the car out the front was three days without using it and I've not had a problem so far with the Battery. I can get a signal from it when I'm sat in my front room.

Has anyone got the Avg mpg and oil working,

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Would installing switch mean in line with positive wire leading to obd2 socket?

yes either to the obd2 loom or perhaps modding the adaptor if want leave vehicle untouched.

I would personally have it 3 way switched to either run via ACC power, default power or completely off no power.

leaving cheap chinese electronics unattended & running 24/7 is never a good thing.

Have replaced more than 1 ecu due to faulty OBD reader damaging ECU board so be careful with them.

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