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Buying my 1st Impreza tomorrow


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Hi Guys


Buying my first Impreza tomorrow (excited)


2006 WRX (Hawkeye)

85k on the clock


2 owners

Cam was done 45k ago so i know i need to get that done.


I have read the buying tips section but i wanted to know from you the owners, is there anything else you should look for on these cars?


Any thing to look for on the test drive etc?


Also what is the life of a well serviced 2.5 impreza engine? I know the turbos are dependent on how past owners have treated it. But in general would you say 85k is high? and would get it too 150k for example?




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Wotcha and welcome - not owned a hawkeye but the shark eye I have owned was a 2.5 and had no issues however there were some instances of ringland failure due to sustained high revs and the engine running a bit lean on number 4 pot, a map from a Subaru dealer or an aftermarket tuner sorted it and it was sorted with the PPP upgrade and as standard on the later 330S - although Petes mate had one let go due to lack of oil :rolleyes: .


As it stands the engine should get to 150k with proper servicing and considered oil temp management etc - a map from someone like Jolly Green Monster for peace of mind would be the way I would go however consider the cost of getting your injectors properly cleaned, clean air filter and new plugs to ensure the mapper has a good platform to start with.

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