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Got myself a clean gf8 need some info


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So i bagged myself a super straight and clean genuine sti gf8 with the IC water spray.

I'm gob smacked at the performance of these cars epically when you think mine is pretty much standard apart from 3" down pipe that cars back in the day were like that! just insane.


Got myself a pretty big list of things I want to do to her, so I'm wondering what parts from different subaru models will fit like bigger brakes and coilovers anti roll bars ect. Defo wanting bigger brakes what's the best that will fit the gf8? are the gf8 and gc8 the same in parts wise? anyone got any tips for good safe mods for it? cheers 



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Hi welcome, nice looking wagon. Matts the man to speak to regarding wagons specific parts,

90% of the older cas parts are interchangable sallon/wagon/forester are all built on the same platform. Depends on what you want to do coliovers will need slightly stiffer springs on the rear due to the slight increase in weight.

Brakes wise the biggest factor is the size of wheels restricting fitment the bigger 4 pot caliper looks like your on 17" from the pic ?

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