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  1. Thanks guys as it turns out I didn't end up going for it.. i believe the dealer (hurstcars) was claiming the car had stuff that they dont come with like a Lsd in the front and quick rack steering and a few others things that a v7 jdm sti don't come with after some digging. Leads me to wonder what else they claimed it had. Shame the guy seemed genuine.
  2. Hey guys the subaru life is pulling me back! After selling my 200sx I want another subaru. I've found a nice v7 jdm sti for £10k with some tasty mods and low mileage looks great. Question is what are the main difference between the s202 and v7 sti? As far as I can find: Same ej207 Same 6 speed Same lsd front and rear Same 4 pot brembo Correct me if I'm wrong on them but is the engine the exact same? Forged, larger inlets high red line ect. Any help appreciated
  3. Hi everyone I'm wanting to buy a few things for my 1996 import wagon (gf8) but not many parts around for the gf8 will all the parts off the saloon gc8 fit my wagon? gear linkage gear boxes diffs rear roll bar ect. Or are they a different layout? and is there actually any differences with the wagon and saloon? Any help would be great cheers.
  4. I can try soapy water but im sure it's leak free. This is the first after market bov I've put on it only put it on today and soon realised something wasn't right.
  5. Hi had a few problems with my v2 impreza. basically my standard recirt valve started to leak as someone broke the pipe for the vac line so after a lot of ear ache find the right bov that'll fit my v2 inlet I got a baileys blow off valve after fitting which wasn't easy due to little space it's now on BUT it doesn't boost at all and ticks over lumpy. I've checked for possible leaks and im sure there aren't any. Anyone got any suggestions? Was running perfect till the standard recirt valve broke! and i cant find one anywhere!
  6. What bov is fitted on that pic mate? thanks
  7. Hi I'm wanting to swap my old recirculating bov for a after market one. Only prob is mine seems to be a different set up to others I've seen. Most subaru bov's I've seen are fitted onto the intercooler, mine is in a different place, and looking at bov's to buy none of them seem to look like the correct fitment. I've attached a few pics so anyone can see. I have found one bov but looking at it it looks like it would leave a pipe from the air box that will just be hanging there. maybe i'd need a different air filter set up? Any help into how to fit one on my set up would be great cheers.
  8. Anyone got some coilovers for sale for a classic impreza? Cheers
  9. Yeah v4. Cheers for the info!
  10. Ok cheers is the td05 a straight bolt on?
  11. Cheers guys and a td04. Where's a good place for mapping these? do they have plug in with it being an older motor?
  12. Hi everyone. So today I got my car dynoed at tuning developments and it rolled out 260bhp and 275ftlb i was quite happy with these figures considering it's standard and 18 years old. So now the question is what next? whats the best ways to get a little more out of her? Would be nice seeing figures around 300 mark, so what would be the process? (Best mods ect). And does anyone know a good subaru specialist to take my sti to get mapped at some point? Cheers
  13. Standard I think around 15psi, Bit of searching on ebay turns out to be a manual boost controller so well done, anyone know much about these? what can i do with it?