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Just had to share - Kawasaki H2 unveiled 300BHP


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yup they could have put some hoover pipes on it somewhere for authenticity :D


Gambit as its a purely track only bike an ACU race licence will be sufficient ;)


speed the article suggests a theoretical 240 - 260mph but reality means if it is geared that way you would be shifting out of first at 110mph (tee hee :P )


will be keeping an eye on this one for sure

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Pulled from pistonheads 2, In some ways, Honda and Yamaha's announcements took the shine off the release of Kawasaki's H2 road bike, but PH2 still loves it! The H2 road bike is a proper bit of kit and is a road legal, supercharged in-line four with incredible engineering. Essentially identical in specification to the H2R bar a very few engine mods and a plastic instead of carbon fairing, the H2 boasts 199hp and a torque curve that, despite a seemingly modest peak of 98lb ft, is actually only half the story. According to those who have ridden it, the torque is simply mind-blowing as it pulls like an animal from just about everywhere in the rev range and when you look at the dyno chart of a ZX-10R against the H2 the supercharged bike makes the ZX-10R look asthmatic. This is a bike that needs to be ridden to be understood...Alongside the H2, there was one more announcement... Kawasaki confirmed that the H2R has been homologated at 305hp, 325hp with Ram-air...

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