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new shocks and springs for WRX STI 8


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I need some advice on new shocks and springs for my 2003 STI type UK.

At the minute all I can find for shocks is KONI or KYB

For springs, H&R or TEIN


Are these my only options for the age and spec of my car, if so are these good parts and how much should I expect to pay? 

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There's also Eibach, Bilstien, Koni plus quite a few others all depends on budget.


Give ome of the Subaru specialist a call and see what they advise for your budget.

As Performance have a good rep.


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There are basically 2 parts to suspension,





both these together are a coilover, as the spring (coil) sit over the damper.


You can lower you car just by changing the springs keeping you original dampers or you can change both the dampers and springs which would allow you to adjust all aspects of the suspension. How hard it is, camber, rebound rate and loads more. Helps if you know what your doing with these set ups.

It depends on what set up you are looking for. If it just looks over adjustability I would save some cash and just lower it by changing the springs to Eibach or H&R.

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Its just my rear shocks that need changing so thought that I mite as well change the front and replace the springs as well to save doing them later on. Im trying to keep the car fairly standard so I am not looking to spend a fortune. However if certain parts will improve the car without spending a small fortune ill try it as standard subaru parts are mega expensive. 


I think europerformanceparts do a suspension kit, full KONI shocks and H&R lowering springs for £721. 


Sorry for being a !Removed! but Im still confused with coilovers!  :blink:

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Thanks for your help scooby pete. Ive found a coil over kit on graham goode racing site


Subaru Impreza Newage GDB Lowering Coilover Kit BC Racing BR RA


  • Pillowball upper mount
  • Camber adjustable top mounts
  • Aluminium top plates
  • 30 way adjustable damping
  • Adjustable spring platform
  • Height adjustment via bottom mount to retain full damper travel
  • Bearing mounted upper front spring platform
  • Dust boot to protect damper seals
  • some features are dependent on model


Do u think there a good choice @£769? 

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BC's are the make recommended earlier in the thread



Bc coilovers are excellent, had them on m'y v8 sti for about 5 years now great value,superb coilover top marks

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