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Waiting for my new STi


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Evening all,

I'm a new member from Anglesey, N Wales. I ordered a new STi at the end of June. I love WRB but I thought most of them would get ordered in WRB so I've opted for black! Sadly, I'm having to wait ages for the car. 12 Dec was the estimated date but I was informed at the beginning of the week that the car had been loaded onto the ship with a date of 28th Nov at the dealer. The wait is painful!


I've previously had an Evo 6 (amongst allsorts of other fast stuff) but basically the Evo was the best car I'd ever had. Sadly, I crashed it (2009) and have been trying to fill the hole ever since - not helped by job problems a couple of years ago. I'm now in a position to buy another car that can go down to single figure MPG!


I've chopped in my BRZ for the STi. I'd had the BRZ for about 18 months but it wasn't really lighting my fire. The BRZ went to the delaer on August the 1st so I'm now using my track car as a runaround - a Peugeot 309 GTi, stripped out with a cage. Great car though it is, I'm getting fed up of using it so often so November can't come quick enough.


The test drive in the STi was pretty good. One bad point was when a moron in a Hyundai heap of crap decided he wanted to read the small print on the rear number plate. I detest tailgaters at the best of time. In the end, the owner of the STi (dealership owner) told me to go for it. Cue a full blown standing start and no Hyundai! I wouldn't want to buy that STi though, because it only had 700 miles on the clock!

Anyway, babbling over...post-3172-0-12577400-1412460882_thumb.jp

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Wotcha and welcome - we have had a couple of members share the agony of waiting for the new STI - but all things good etc - it will be worth it, very jealous black would be my choice of colour also


keep us posted and watch out for a small leak from the rear diff when you eventually take possession - dealer should fix no problem

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I hope it will have had all the fixes done, seeing as it's a late production run. I just hope the engine is OK, as there are a fair number of failures over in the States. MIne probably won't have a particularly easy life!


Anyone recommend a specialist in the North West to set up the geometry? Also, is it true Magnoletsi are offering a stage 1 tune and still honouring the warranty? :ph34r:

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Yes, most appear to be spun rod bearings. Sadly, due to the nature of forums, there's a lot of bull !Removed! out there to try and decipher! Certainly seems to be some truth in it but hopefully won't be anything for us lot to worry about.

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