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Thinking of getting an STI


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Hello everyone, my name is Brett and I'm new here,


I have been looking at buying a Blue Impreza blob eye STI for a little while now I'm just wondering from those of you who have driven/owned both the STI or WRX is there really a massive difference between the performance when you are driving them can you really notice a big difference when driving one another, I have looked at loads of searches and I know the STI has more BHP, torque and performance parts and extras like better seats, rear spoiler, intercooler etc.


So really what I'm asking is, is the STI really worth the extra money when I have seen some WRX's with all the STI extras added and added nicely and properly along with the pro drive package fitted on by suabru themselves with a certificate on the inside of the door, would this then feel like the STI or just near as?


Thanks :)

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the wrx owners who have modded their motors will have only gone so far, normally the easier bolt on changes - engine internals etc will not normally have been touched. It would also challenge your requirement for a standard car and the knowledge of history associated with any future mods.


dependant on what motors you have owned previously I dont believe you will be disappointed with either - there is a previous WRX vs STI discussion in another thread on here and one of the key points I thought most valid was the six speed box in the STI was a notable benefit.


When looking for my motor I drove a type D hawkeye wrx, a blob sti and ended up with a Shark hatch STI with PPP (Type UK) - all of them put a smile on my face but the STI's did feel tauter and stirring the close ratio 6 speed was great. But it was like choosing between 3 of your favourite desserts win win either way ;)

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hmmm you make a good point the only things I don't mind being changed on the wrx is the spoiler haha as I do not like the little wrx standard one to me that makes the back of the impreza look unfinished ( no offence to anyone ) if that was to be replaced with STI then that's all i'd want in the wrx as long as it has lower miles the 70K and no other big mods then i'll be happy then with a wrx.


But I have read the 6 speed in the STI does make a difference, tbh I could get a really nice standard STI for 5995 which is near the same as a wrx but it has 84.000 miles people think I'm too picky but i think 84,000 miles is a lot as a year worth of my driving i'll be into 90,000 miles then the chance of getting any of that money back will sink no matter how tidy it is as most people don't like cars with 100,000 miles or it puts alot of people off.

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6k for a wrx seems expensive.

100k mile engines aren't as big as a risk, loads of us have motors past that here if you look after it and service regularly whas not to say it won't go on to 200k.

Always give you an option to rebuild it your not happy with it at least you'll know ot will be good for another 100k

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