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New STi owner soon


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Hi All,


I'm new to the Subaru fold, unless my GT86 counts :P


I ordered myself a new WRX STi in dark metallic grey last weekend, after origionaly taking a test drive at the end of August, and will be picking it up this coming weekend!


I've part ex'd my GT86 (in the same colour!) for the STi, but prior to that I had a Celica GT4 (ST205) and I've been missing the power and AWD!


We also have a Kia Pro`ceed GT as a run around, damn good car! Which we will be keeping, I'm not sure how the missus would like the STi on long trips hehe.




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Wotcha and welcome John - GT86 bruvva from anuvva muvva so no probs there ;)  I know of a new member to this forum who will be very jealous of how quickly you are getting yours, his black motor doesn't arrive for a few weeks yet.


keep us posted and if you take any photos dont forget to share

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Welcome, good to see another new model owner joining. I had a 4 month wait but mine arrived 3 weeks early so I've had it now for 2 1/2 weeks and already have 1800 miles on the odo. Absolutely loving it, interesting you say you came from a GT-Four as I sold my ST205 to get the deposit down on the new car, it definitely doesn't feel the same as the ST205 is a bum on the floor coupe and felt far more planted on the road whereas the STI is a fast saloon so much higher seating position. Really just a case of getting use to it as the power delivery is so much faster than the GT-Four, my missus says it feels like it snaps from lane to lane and she doesn't feel as safe in the passenger seat (yet).


Hope yours is everything you wanted. The comfort on the roads is no problem at all till you hit some pot holes and then you feel the pain, but general driving it's no issue even compared to my old company 3 series on the m-sport suspension.



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Thanks Guys,


I'm chuffed to bits with the car, nearly done 500 miles already, and I've not had it a week yet!


Highspirits, I know what you mean about the ST205, it does roll a bit more than the ST205, but I'm already getting used to it.  I read a few reviews that said the ride was very harsh, but compared to my ST205 and the GT86 it's sheer luxury!

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