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Help with my classic impreza gearbox???

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Hi, just wondering if anyone can fill in the blanks for me as I'm really confused with different advice from different mechanics...

Basically I have this week developed a third gear issue with my impreza... (Think iv broke the synchro)... Looking a replacement box but some people telling me the codes have to match up and some saying it can be any box from a classic impreza...

My car is a 95 "m reg" import wrx

My gearbox code is TY752VB3FA

If anyone on here can tell me which other code boxes I can use to replace this and if anyone knows anyone with a reasonable priced gearbox... Don't mind travelling as long as it's not to far from Leeds West Yorkshire...

Would really much appreciate some help on this!


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The main difference between classic boxes is the ratio's

just Google your gearbox ty number to find it's ratio and buy a 5 speed with the same ratio .

If you get a 96 onward box you'll have to use your original mechanical speedo sensor and mabey the black and white plugged bit of loom .

As later boxes use a electronic speedo sensor but if it's the right ratio classic box it matches up with the diff and will fit all drive/prop shafts , linkage clutch ect of your existing set up .

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