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  2. Hi Everyone, I'm in the same situation, if anyone has a Tribeca with FSH and less than 70k in the clock please let me know. Thank you very much! Pete:
  3. cheers for reply jay762 yeah looking like thats the only option.
  4. Give Import Car Parts a ring
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  6. I went to have a look at a 57 plate STi with 45k miles on it and with a 350BHP motor with Dyno print out. Needs a cambelt due to age not mileage. Any ideas??????
  7. Following. Feel free to post any of my stuff on the Instagram page
  8. So happy with it mate. Will be on the road in a fortnight. And I got insured for £500 fully comprehensive 👌🏻
  9. She's gleeming mate!! Loud pipes save lives
  10. Fixed a worn heat shield that was rattling against the exhaust and replaced rear diff front mount (weeping bearing) on the RX with the alloy version from the STI, a 0.75Kg weight saving Before OEM mild steel item with leaking bush Slight difference in shape due to the larger diff on the STI but mountings all line up STI alloy item in place with small gap in the cut out but as it is bolted to the unit itself I have no concerns
  11. if you go new age then sti will have 6 speed, so will save 2-3k in buying one. 2001 sti's engines are mega strong even in factory form, last of the proper forged engines. really depends what model you want
  12. Brilliant, many thanks. Yeah, i've heard around the 'learning' but just ignored it as made little sense to me. I'm not from the digital side of cars, but i've never heard of that before. Regardless, getting a remap isn't the end of the world, at least I'm fairly open to any car. So I guess the last question, which typically creates a divide from my experience of reading others... WRX or STi? I've always had the assumption that STi comes with the superior build and performance, but is this naive of me? In reality, I'll take whatever I come across if the price is right, but should the option be available it's good to know what to keep an eye out for
  13. nope, theres myths out there about the ecu learning, but thats very minor. If your going down the route of rebuild base model of the engine doesnt really matter unless your going big power like 600 then you want to look at a closed deck. personaly i;d go 2.5 and get it converted to closed deck, good for 500 and loads of low down grunt.
  14. Thanks, I had wondered if this would be the case. To slightly alter my question, is there models that you would suggest avoiding for the same reason? I was under the impression the older models were slightly better re modifications? I know some people suggest Jap engine over UK also, but I'll look to change all the internals etc, so I don't consider the reliability issues a factor. Obviously accell/top end differ between the two (to my understanding) so interested to hear around this, but generally question is geared around model ranges then import/export.
  15. not much you can do engine/power wise without mapping im afraid.
  16. Hi all, hope everyone is well. I've been on here a little while, from when I previously had my 2012 STi hatch. Sadly I sold that on a few months back. However I am looking to buy a project car that I can leave on my drive and just tinker with over the weeks, months and years. I remember the STi being a lot of fun, but a bit of a pig when it come to modding, as everything required remapping. Is this true for all of the earlier models of impreza as well? Basically I'd like to try and buy myself something I am more 'free' to modify. To remove any building fears from people, I am a qualified mechanic so the car won't be destroyed through my curiosity ha ha. Thanks in advance for any replies, suggestions and advice
  17. I’ve decided the time is right to try and sell her. I’ve no time to appreciate it now I have two young kids and would like to see it go to a good home. 84500 miles, near enough standard and another set of alloys are getting refurbished. It’s just passed it’s MOT with no advisorys. I won’t take any stupidly low offers as I know what it’s worth. If anyone would like to know more please message me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
  18. Thanks! I’ve only had it for a week or so but I really like it. Just need to take it on a trip over to the Cairngorms or Highlands when I get the time! Great looking Impreza 👍
  19. Wotcha and welcome - You are in the right part of the world for that motor 👍
  20. Hey all, been awhile since I posted here, I'm back with a new Scoob, had it a couple of months now and already some &**%&$* has scratched the front wing so I am looking for some pigment polish or wax to touch up the scratch. Any recommendations?
  21. Went to the local retro car meet again , I only took a few pics of mine and my mate Garry's evo but a local photographer took this as we left 😎
  22. Thanks mattiekane, love the Impreza! 👍
  23. Welcome to the club mate! Loud pipes save lives
  24. Hello everyone, I’ve recently bought my first Subaru, a 2009 Forester. Had a mix of cars before but impressed so far!
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