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  2. I'm having a try at polishing mine for the first time, what's the paint like what did you use a rotating polisher or dual action.
  3. ahhhh really - right ill check that - cheers spent today giving the RX a clean plus the STI a first deep clean and some paint correction with my polisher - looking a good apart from one mirror which I corrected too harshly and now will need a blow over with paint and lacquer 🙄
  4. Sorry - just reread your question (bit late for me!). Has not been necessary for me so far, but personally I prefer to carry a spare.
  5. Hello Ahmed Apologies for my delayed response. I had a look at the article posted last year but wasn't super keen on the idea of shaving a wheel to get it to fit. I think you can carry a full size wheel if it is not inflated but I need to check that. I did raise it with the Subaru garage when my car went in for some work and they seemed pretty confident but we didn't actually put a wheel in the boot. As you can see, I haven't pursued this very far but I plan to as I do not feel very confident travelling wiithout some sort of spare. I have the repair stuff which is supposed to work but thankfully have not had to try it yet. Woud you let me know if you have made any enquiries. At some point in the next few weeks I will make an appointment with the Subaru garage to try a spare. I would be happy with a steel as it is only to get out of a muddle.
  6. I have 7 tickets left now need more people guys I have the tickets so as soon as I have your address and the £14 payment via PayPal I will send the tickets out
  7. I have 7 tickets left now need more people guys I have the tickets so as soon as I have your address and the £14 payment via PayPal I will send the tickets out
  8. I don't have any ducting on my scoop for the tmic, should I? It's a 2004 wrx. Is it okay without one? Thanks
  9. That's the cosmetic work finished for now🙄😂 abw wide arch kit next i think👍😁
  10. I'd be going to demon tweeks as its local to me but I'll get a price.
  11. Aye up, is tha Yorkshire lad? Loud pipes save lives
  12. Hi everyone. After many years of dreaming I now am the proud owner of a 2018 Forester XT, pre registered but driven off the forecourt with 16 miles on the clock . For the last 15 years I have had VW Transporters as my donkeys and they have served me well. I carry out minor servicing and repairs like oil, fuel filter changes and brake pads. Keen to hear any tips for doing likewise on my new Forester. I am old school and believe in running engines, and power trains in. I have just completed 1000 miles and changed the origional oil and filter and will again at 5000 miles. What do people recommend as far as oil changes for engine, gear box (cvt) and diffs. I do tow quite a bit so would expect to do more frequent changes. Also any tips or recommendations on oils etc appreciated. D
  13. Fitted the new top hose, went to start bleeding the system so fired her up and got a misfire CEL. Plugged it in and it was on cylinder 1. After a bit of faffing, swapping coils and plugs etc, still couldn’t find the issue. Did a bit of reading and discovered it could be the front O2 sensor. Unplugged it and got the solid CEL, not the blinking for a misfire. I’ve got a spare sensor in the garage somewhere, I’ll swap it over tomorrow and see where we’re at. For now, I think a beer or 5 is in order 😂
  14. Looking good @JamesJDMwagon always found ash good quality stuff ,too 👍 Decided to give the bug a "quick wash" . Soon evolved into touching up a few stone chips , polishing the headlight lenses and a coat of killer wax 😊
  15. Hi there! When I was searching for mine I did see just one that did have a filler piece for the gap, it attached to the boot lid. I haven't got one either sadly !!
  16. Fitted a new frp and intake hose. Intake hose was from ash doesn't crush like the first attempt. Just in case anyone is replacing the old rubber one it's a 57mm 120 degree bend then cut to size. Top tip use a Razer blade the put a hose clamp on where you want to cut and you'll get a perfectly straight cut. Here's a few pics after a bath.
  17. Definitely worth it but shop around as prices vary widely. Sent from my HTC Desire 530 using Tapatalk
  18. Last week
  19. I have taken her out for a blast, I tried keeping up with a BMW M3, it got away on the straights. I've bought some coolant today I'm going to attempt to swap the coolant. My plan is remove the reservoir hoses, and connect one to the hose pipe and one to a pipe into a bucket, then remove the bottom coolant hose after a gentle flush. It took me 3 hours to find an appropriate coolant.
  20. Well that's what I'm hoping for, lol will get the times up after Sunday. Get your car on the track mate and see what times yours does lol its a brilliant buzz😂
  21. Hi I feel the tracking needs doing on 04 impreza so I'm considering having a full 4 wheel alignment is it worth the extra money on an impreza with the limited rear adjustment? Car was put on coilovers by previous owner and I'm guessing never alingned sins.
  22. Alan Jeffries has been around the mapping scene for many years, he has a lot of experience. I believe its his son Martyn who races a mapped and modded classic Impreza at some of the drag and drift events around here (and is one of the fastest). I would trust them. If you were to look further afield, Scoobybits in the Truro area in cornwall has a good rep, and is a subaru specialist.
  23. Welcome along. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  24. Cheers 👍 No I’m not doing just getting the stuff and then got to sort out someone to fit it. The belt That’s on it is over 10 years old lol
  25. Hi to you all, After a lot of faffing around I’ve finally taken the plunge, a nearly new BRZ to be picked up in a week, I can’t wait! Many moons ago I had a Legacy saloon 4cam turbo which I loved and it’s nice to be back in the fold, time spent with the dealer was a good experience, Steve at Simpson’s, Swindon, take a bow, I look forward to picking the car up and enjoying it on an almost daily basis.
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