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  1. Hey, welcome to the forum. Nice Scoob, especially after the clean lol.
  2. Hey, Try Nippon Autospares in Derby, they are big Jap parts/engine importers and reviews for obtaining unusual/older parts semm to be very good. Check their website for reviews or ring; 01332 293399 and speak to Shaff or Matt.😜 Good luck mate.
  3. Hi, Anyone had the rocker cover gaskets replaced on the 3.0 H6 engine, as it appears both sides are weeping oil on my 07 Tribeca? Any suggestions of a reputable garage etc appreciated. Cheers
  4. Hey John, Welcome to the Uk, and the Subaru Owners Forum. Hope you enjoy both 😁👍
  5. Hi, Does anyone know where engine serial number is on the EZ 3.0 ltr engine, as i had a JDM engine fitted in my Tribeca, and was going to update my V5 doc if the engine proves ok. 👍
  6. Hi, I've had to replace a couple of the wheel centres on my Tribeca over the last couple of years. To be honest, i bought a couple off ebay, about £25 each if i remember, and i also bought one from US for approx the same amount. I know they are possibly on the expensive side but worth buying if the wheel looks an !Removed! without them. Which tailgate trim is missing from your Tribeca? Cheers
  7. Hi all. I've had 9 Subaru's since 2003 and now on my second Tribeca after selling my Legacy 3.0R Spec B, and will need to source some new 255/55/18 tyres for my B9 shortly. Out of curiosity before I buy any tyres, has anyone fitted any other size tyres on their Tribeca, and how did it affect the ride etc? Any comments for or against are welcome. Cheers all.
  8. Hi all, Thanks for looking at my post. I'm looking for some help and advice with a question regarding tyre options for my newly purchased 2007 Tribeca. I'm on my 9th Subaru in 15yrs, after selling my 2006 Legacy 3.0R Spec B on Saturday, and the Tribeca tyres are all approx the same depth of 5/6 mm,but 3 are Goodyear & the other one is a Nankang (not sure what model tyres), but I don't really like running odd tyres in any combination, so thought of spending the dosh and getting 4 new tyres as soon as I can and starting with fresh rubber. Before I spend the money on stock tyres, I thought of fitting a slightly different size ie - maybe 255/45/18 or 245/50/18 or open to any other suggestions based on Tribeca owners own experiences. Any advice or suggestions on this subject appreciated. Cheers all.
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