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  1. I'm a bit confused about front struts on the spec B, I think a Bilstein B6 would fit and some sellers say they do, but other sellers of this strut say they don't. Has anybody got a definitive answer? TIA
  2. Should all the number icons be lit? 1 isnt lit up, seems like it's not even recognised.
  3. I will try what you suggest and report back.....
  4. Loading cds in to this unit, the first location in the magazine won't accept anything, the other 5 do. when the display is on, slot one shows nothing in it, but it won't accept anything, any ideas?
  5. My 04 2.0XLN Forester doing what she likes doing best, unbelievable grip and control in snow. Last winter, 17/18, we hit a four foot high snow drift across the middle of a country lane, basically I couldn't see it in the driving snow. The Roo went straight through it, I'm just glad there was nothing in it...
  6. They look interesting wheels I might contact the seller and see if they fit. I was concerned about the wheel/tyres clearing the wheel arch, but you mentioned the brakes as well so that's something else I've got to consider.
  7. I didn't think there were any steels for the legacy except outback. Anyone know if there is?
  8. Considering winter wheel and tyre combination for the legacy for several reasons. Firstly, not sure what the low profile tyres will be like in snow, not much good probably, and secondly, would like to preserve the alloys for better weather. I would like to get some cheaper alloys, ebay, and get some winter tyres for the reasons mentioned. What has anybody else got that works well?
  9. Why the hell didn't they fit a 12v socket in the back end of a legacy wagon? Is it in a secret hiding place? My forester has got one... Legacy.. No.
  10. Is that a dent in the front wing or just the camera angle and light?
  11. New here, own two subs, one for over a decade, the other for four weeks, (forester and legacy respectively), electrician by trade. Love the forester because its a snow tractor for the winter, love the legacy because it's s3x on wheels. If only they made vans.... 😁