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  1. Just finished rebuilding my td05h all nice and clean ☺️ lucky as my cheap fleabay that will do for now turbo oil seals starting to fail good old flea bay sh1te lasted me a flew month whilst waiting for the rebuild kit 👍
  2. Put on a full 3" straight though exhaust from turbo back 😉
  3. Hello i have a v5 impreza gc8 turbo 2000 went to work no problem went to go home central locking now not working been having a problem with this for a while. now immobiliser will not disengage I didn't get the code for the key pad hen I got the car and going to put my own anti theft set up in anyone know how to bypass it so I can get it home as its stuck there and as it private property at government building so can not get people on site to do anything please help
  4. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help I'm doing top feed convertion and parallel fuel rails with aftermarket FPR was wondering if I can run the blue 440cc top feed injectors from a bug wrx safely till I get a tune and set the fuel pressure to standard static pressure or shall I wait till I get it tune put it in then thanks ben
  5. Vortex after burner back box nice deep sound and not too loud i fitted 1 to my dads hawkeye wrx no cutting requied and bolts straight up did put the non resonated centre but was to loud for him so hes just stuck with the back box and rest of the exhaust stock hope that helps 👍
  6. Hello wondering if anyone can help I have a v5 uk turbo 2000 had a full engine rebuild was running fine then had a M.A.F fail and knock sensor fail together swapped them out for new units car ran fine for a few months now the cars idle on cold start veries 1600 - 1000 once warm the revs will drop about 100 - 200 rpm it will stuble but not stall and again i have replaced the iacv with a new genuine 1 not a knock off i have 3 new mafs genuine tryed all of them with no luck checked all vac lines no leaks also no cel codes and plug a reader in shows nothing i have reset the ecu as well but no luck any ideas/help would be much appreciated thanks ben
  7. Right im pretty !Removed! ringland failure / melted piston took out spark plug and killed my head as well can you run non avcs uk wrx ej205 heads on the gc block as i have a full ej205 sat in my shed doing nothing any help would be great thanks ben
  8. Hi spoke to you about n/a to turbo build in jan done a ton of research and build will be coming soon just to let you know sorry took a while but just an oil and water pump and some bigger injectors to go and will have everything for the build found out block and crank are same from n/a to turbo its the rod length and heads that were different even pistons are t he same if its the 16v n/a but have all new king heavy duty bearings forged h beam rods new style sti piston arp head studs and block bolts wrx import heads with smoothed intake and exhaust ports with import sti cams twin in tank pump setup stocker sti pump and 450 lph pump staged, sti rad new style sti intercoooler, td05 20g turbo, external oil cooler 3" turbo back exhaust el header and catless up pipe so will let you know when i start it thanks for the info did help👍 

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    2. Benjamindavis45


      Yer i have a afr on its way 🙂 that the thing its an na not wrx or sti or uk2000 and that it has a 450lph fuel pump and 1200cc injectors and td05 20g turbo and would i need to change out the loom but heres the problem is its a na car so na loom na block but sti base uprated parts wrx heads with sti cams so what could i use sorry haha and thank you again

    3. savage bulldogs

      savage bulldogs

      Sorry ,I thought you originally said the car was a turbo version and it had a na engine fitted due to the turbo one popping .

      What year / version is the car ?

      Not sure if the cabin loom would have the correct number of ECU plugs and pins for a turbo ecu ?

      Or if you'd have to fit a under bonnet turbo loom to get the other extra sensors that a turbo engine uses ie... b.c ,map ,maf ect 

      Tbh 1200 cc injectors are way  overkill ,the standard the (smallest oe classic) grey 380cc injectors are good for 290hp . Yellow 440s (biggest oe classic) injectors and the 20g are good for 350hp , which is enough to break most classic engines and definitely most classic gearboxes .

      Once you know what version the car is based on and you've checked both cabin /engine/under bonnet loom compatibility  . I'd suggest to fit a wrx ECU of that year /version with the same injectors and turbo that the ECU runs . You can leave the fuel pump ,as the fuel pressure regulator will keep the fuel at oe pressure. But you'd need to remove any other non standard breathing mods .... ie run wrx tmic ,standard air box , catted downpipe ect .

      So the car is as close to the standard map on the ECU as possible and keep the cost down while you save for a "mappable" ecu . Otherwise those injectors will bore wash the cylinders and that turbo will be too big for the internals and drivetrain..... you'll be rebuilding again before you're run in otherwise 



    4. Benjamindavis45


      Tbh thats what i thought recently re did the wiring and it was turbod at some point but looks like they stapped a turbo to a na engine with just an sti pump probably why has a different engine and when i went to order stuff from auto store said it was was turbo this car has a very sorted history 😕 its seems to be a 1999 sport wagon and i can always wire in plugs thats not a porblem or repining its a map car oh ok i was given them but can always get a set of yellows its got exedy stage 2 wrx clutch came with the car and yet its a na sports box but looking to get a 6 speed from a guy that got rear ended just would need to get right rear r160 with same fdr well i can alwas wield in a cat thats no problem and i can fab up an air box as trying to find a stock 1 aint easy i have a vf 32 off a legecy single scroll but thats a non waste gated turbo if thst will work i have a boost refrence fuel reg already i can get hold of an sti ecu from the same year thats also off a map car just trying to see if it the right manufacturer

  9. I have a turbo motor i building atm but due to 3rd child had to put it on hold ive worked out with the 1.6 mm head gaskets and the jap import heads the compression ratios would be around 8.2-8.3 - 1 the pistion and con rods are cast simliar to the ej25 piston and con rods the blocks a sport bottom end the dimensions are the same as a turbo long block the heads are twin cam 16v heads the compression differents is due to the heads have a more shallow bowl which bumps up the compression i have everything to turbo with gaskes etc its more the ring gaps as with the stock ring gap with the stock heads can run around 8 - 10 psi before ring failure would run the stock wrx ecu and thats around the 12- 14 psi mark not going to map the engine as will just chuck in in my friends vw bug unless it blows up before hand i can do all the machine work myself so thats not a problem cheers for the reply
  10. It is a turbo model but had an n/a engine put in as turbo engine was blown from previous owner using the thicker head gaskets and the import wrx heads lowers it to the same compression as the turbo models already worked it all out i have everything to turbo as it was a turbo model and i have wrx ecu power im not bothered with as i will finish my engine to put in it onces ive saved up to get the rest of the parts
  11. Hello i have a gf8 impreza wagon it has an n/a engine was wondering what would i be able to run boost wise on a stock bottom end i have a set of jdm wrx heads 1.6 mm mls head gaskets to put on it got equal length manifolds and made a 3 " up pipe and have a full 3" straight thought exhaust sti fuel pump and injectors and have a vf 34 non waste gated turbo or td05 20g turbo to choose from i have a gbd top mount intercooler it has a map sensor not a maf sensor was wondering what i would have to gap the rings for the piston to to stop ring land failer as had to stop building the engine that was going in the car due to 3rd child just wondering what i could run with what i got any help will be grateful btw im an engineer and vehicle tech by trade so making parts and moding things wont be a problem thank you ben
  12. Rebuilding engine after pisyon failed
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