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  1. So a few months ago i posted my problem about rough idle basically when the engine is to temperature the car will randomly rev itself up anywhere between 1000-2000rpm only for a second then drop back down or sometimes even to the point where it sounds like it could stall. At first it didn't bother me much but its getting annoying now nearly every time i stop at lights or in traffic it will do it. The car has had new coil packs and spark plugs less than a year ago fitted by a garage. I have just had the injectors cleaned and they came back flowing fully at 440cc and I've just fitted a new fuel filter still no luck. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Hi everyone I have a imported 1998 Version 4 imported STI 4door, i have developed a misfire between 2-4k rmp on full throttle, seems to occur on full boost and clears once above the effected rev range. once above 4k it pulls like a train but it seems to drop into a misfire whilst building boost. Ive cleaned the MAF/checked all silicone joiners, it has got iridium plugs/standard intercooler/standard recirc BOV and Ive cleaned all of the visible electrical connections. Any suggestions/common failures?? it has covered 160,000 miles with replacement head gaskets/skim heads 4,000 miles ago. never had any running issues before and i am scratching my head as to why its happening now! Cheers Yoss
  3. So thinking far into the future it would be a dream to get this car to reach 500 or 600 bhp so apart from millions of pound what does it take haha. My thinking was to have the engine built to take a ridiculous amount of power but then just keep it running around 300-350bhp and acquire what i need to get the full potential over the years. I need the engine rebuilt soon anyway and I'm just thinking while its out why not go all out when i know what i have planned for the future. The car has done 110,000 miles now i have no proof off any previous owners of a rebuild in the past but i have had the cam belt checked and all is well. Its running 312bhp now being held back by dirty injectors and a 5 speed box which I've been told will go if its pushed much further. Current specs: 440 yellow injectors , front mount intercooler , RCM fuel pump , K&N 9" cone filter , TDO5 Turbo , 3" straight pipe exhaust from the turbo back. So just want peoples opinions of what it would take what Injectors? what turbo? what internals to go for? can the car handle it? Know anyone who has done it?
  4. So my classic has been sitting for around 2 months and I went to drive it and it ran out of fuel after I topped it up with £10 worth of fuel it failed to start. This has been put down to at least one injector which has sucked up a grain of dirt or something and is stuck open. Is there a way to tell which injector/injectors are stuck open and need to be replaced? I've been told to remove spark plugs and when the ignition is turned on fuel will continue to leak from the stuck open injector? is this the case?
  5. Car is absolutley immaculate. Fresh respray and underseal. Running safe Simtek 312BHP. Full in detail description and pictures on the link below. If you know of any friends that would like this please spread the word. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132334069371?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. Below I have the description and pictures for my old classic Impreza that is currently on sale. I would just like some genuine opinions of how much people think the car is worth. I have spent over 10,000 on it and have receipts to prove it, I know I'm never going to get that back but I am genuinely unsure how much the car is worth with all of its upgrades as seen below. This is a auction for my prize possession a classic 1994 imported WRX. I bought the car 2 years ago and have spent every minute since perfecting it spending countless time and money on it. Unfortunately it is time to sell as I am going to be getting a house soon and wont be able to afford the costs. The car will be greatly missed and I would like to make sure it goes to someone who will keep it running well and overall take care of it as I have. Below I will go into full detail of the specs of the car and show in pictures how much it has transformed over the past 2 years and no corners have been cut. Body The car was originally Silver when I bought it and silver was its original colour from Subaru. When I bought the car I had it repainted 02C World Rally Blue to look more like a iconic Impreza. Under the bonnet, inside the doors, under the boot lid have all been done repainted blue. There are some stone chips on the front splitter. The car is always washed regularly with Autoglym products including polishing and waxing recently. Both front and rear number plates are legal and have carbon fibre lettering to add to the look, they also both say “ Subaru Boxing Club” in small underneath. The Windscreen has been replaced only last year so is spotless. Recently fitted new windscreen wipers also. Features rare STI clear tail lights and clear front lights. Underneath the whole car has been undersealed to prevent rust at a later date. Interior The interior has been treated to a newer looking set up with Blue STI bucket seats and a matching rear bench and door cards. As you can see on the pictures a lot of the cars interior is carbon fibre dipped this has been done professionally and in great detail and looks perfect exactly like the real thing not like some of the cheap stuff you see. There is a OMP racing steering wheel and a newer looking gearstick with carbon fibre knob and short shifter. Suspension Tyres and Alloys I have fitted BC BR Coilovers which are fully adjustable from soft to hard and ride height. The car has Rota alloys painted in gun metal with Yokohama Semi Slick Tyres all still have good tread on them. Brakes The brakes have been upgraded to the calipers from a 2004 Impreza so it now has 4 pot on the front and 2 pot rear. Full EBC Red stuff pads all round with drilled and grooved discs you feel like you can drive the car fast because it gives you the confidence that you have the right brake set up to stop you safely. Performance Modifications The car started life as a WRX with around 230BHP when I first got it Dyno’d but it was my aim to reach 300. The mods below have the car running a safe but powerful professionally mapped 311.8BHP. . Japspeed Front Mounted Intercooler . Japspeed Full exhaust system from turbo back de-cat 3” . Japspeed Aluminum lightweight radiator . 440 Yellow injectors professionally cleaned full flowing (have the receipt to prove it) . K&N 9” Cone air filter . RCM upgraded fuel pump . TD05 Turbo (checked by Eurospec to be fully working no damage) ECU The car has a Simtek ECU capable of various maps for different power inputs mapped by Steve Simpson who is the creator of the Simtek ECU. He himself personally mapped the car and signed the ECU as proof this was all carried out at ZI motorsport. The car also has two red switches which control the anti lag and launch control. On high revs the Anti lag will spit flames and pop and band extremely loud and good fun! but can be turned on and off by switch. Security The car has a Clifford alarm system 650 MK11 fitted which includes a immobilizer which if you come to view I will demonstrate. The system also has a remote start which means 5 minutes before you leave start up the car via the key fob so it can get to the right temperature and remotely turn it off after it has cooled down this is good for the engine and a good show off feature when your car starts itself. The car will also give a single buzz at nosey people looking trough the windows or potential thieves and if the continue to look the alarm will sound. Other features I have paperwork receipt proof of all that follows: . Recently changed 4 NEW coil packs . NEW battery only a year ago . Forge Header tank . 110% Brighter headlight bulbs . Rocket cover gasket recently replaced . Sound proofing in doors and boot. . Gearbox,Clutch and Diff replaced last year . New age power steering pump modification done by ZI Motorsport . STI Spoiler fitted recently . Wheels recently aligned . Oil, coolant and spark plugs all done Mileage The car has done 180,462km which converts to 112,133 miles but the car being 23 years old this is understandable and the car has always been well looked after with regular servicing and Eurospec recently inspected the Cam-belt and all was well the engine runs fine with no bad sounds. Japfest As shown in one of the pictures the car recently attended Japfest 2017 on show. I still have the show number and pictures of the car on display. The car also features a Japfest sticker in the rear window. Insurance The car is extremely cheap to insure this is because on the log book and on the DVLA system the car shows up as a Subaru Impreza GL 2.0. This is due to a small amount of WRX being imported wrongly. Try for yourself the insurance is unbelievably cheap and the tax is only £20 per month which is very cheap for a Impreza. The car is officially a WRX import as shown on its engine code. Overall Overall the car has been cared for and not driven badly. The engine has always been allowed to warm up and cool down before and after being driven. Im sure there is lots I've forgotten to mention as the car is packed with so many features and this description is long enough already but you wont be disappointed with this Impreza its loud fast and gives the the confidence to drive it how it should be. Any Questions please text me and ask I would be happy to provide more information and pictures. The Car comes with 2 folders worth of history and receipts for all the work carried out. Email- bradleigh23496@gmail.com Mobile 07568134027 or available on whats app
  7. Hi all im trying to replace the sensor but the Torx 20 doesn't seem to fit which is mainly due the fact that it needs to be hollow or does it? if anyone could point me to the right tool, it would be very much appreciated. heres some pics
  8. This is my 1994 WRX owned it for 2 years now brought it from mot failing and falling apart making 230bhp to what it is now. A lot of hard work and all my wages what do you guys think? i know some prefer the older look it used to have.
  9. Hi guys. New to forum. Interested in people's opinion / set up. Looking at doing an engine build for the classic. What are your views on open, semi closed, closed block and recommendations for brands for crank, rods and crowns. Ta
  10. Hi 👋 is anyone breaking any gc8's in need of the trim that goes round windscreen, over roof and down back window. Would also need the window trim that goes across the top of the windscreen and back window. Also while on this thread. Does anyone have CD block? Cheers
  11. So i have a 9inch K&N filter to go in thats going to fill double what the current filter does but I'm wanting to build a cold air system before i go for the next dyno run. Does anyone have any examples of a cold air system built on there classic pre facelift like mine. I have a few ideas but there isn't much room available.
  12. Hi there guys, I have for sale an impreza gc8 original prodrive spoiler and bootlid, its in great condition and ive been wanting to put it on my car but due to circumstances I am having to sell it. Its in great condition and the colour is white so can put it straight on car or will be an easy respray because the colour is white. Just needs a clean up which I will do upon request. It has the brake light and some wire with it and I will also provide the boot lid bolts to connect straight onto the two bootlidbrackets on the car. Its in great condition and I know these are worth much more than im putting it up for. Iv seen one without the bootlid sell for £350 plus. There is one slight crack which you cannot even tell an ive only just spotted it. I therefore would like £300 for it but will be will be willing to listen to sensible offers. Its is worth every penny guaranteed and these are extremely rare. I will listen to sensible offers so please contact me if your interested. Im trying to be as honest as possible so please co operate and I will be more than happy to answer any questions. £300 ONO thanks a lot!
  13. So changing the oil in my impreza next week and just want to check I'm using the best possible solution for my car. It is a 94 classic wrx now producing 312bhp. I was going to go for Shell oil but i would like to know exactly what i should go for now its been mapped. The engine has not been rebuilt to my knowledge however i have had the cam belt checked and thats fine and its now done just over one hundred thousand miles. Any advice would be great
  14. 4 of my rear bushes need replacing which should solve the jerking problem I've been having but where is the best place to get good quality at the right price? not looking for polly really just standard. Cheers
  15. When i got my car mapped i was told my Lambda sensor was faulty as in it sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. I was told this would be affecting my MPG if this is true i would like to get hold of a replacement. My mapper told me it had to be a genuine subaru part as other tend not to work right. Making it more of a challenge mine being and import might need a different one to the uk spec also its pre facelift 1994 wrx
  16. My wrx is mapped with a simtek ecu and seems to be ok for fuel for a subaru but i would love to be able to track my mpg like you could in a modern car. I am just wondering if there is anything you can buy to maybe plug in to read my mpg accurately also as I'm not sure how accurate my fuel dial is.
  17. Hi everybody I'm very interested in Subaru Impreza WRX STI GC8. If anyone is selling this car at the moment? Or could anybody advice me where I can buy it? What is the price? I would appreciate any help!
  18. Evening all Sounds painful? Yep!! Was just looking at the underbody of my 1999 v5 classic when I got a humongous scare - feckin rust spots & rust (apologies Mr Moderator aka Lord Gambit). A classic symptom of The Tin Machine (RIP DB). What should I do? Thought I'd call a rust proofing company called "Ultimate" who quoted £490 to rust proof the underbody with Dinitrol. Is that what I should be doing? Or Looking at the pics , I think the sway bars need replacing. What else should I be replacing? - - the Subi is 17years old with 100k. i would definitely appreciate your advice guys.
  19. So I'm starting to think this car is cursed as soon as things start going well something happens. Today i was crashed into very slowly going round a roundabout it has put a large dent in my drivers door and a small dent and scratches in the rear right. I cant simply go through insurance as the car has had so many modifications i would prefer them not having a look at it for the sake of 2 doors. Anyway me and the other person involved have decided not to involve insurance and each pay for our own cars. What i really am wanting to know is how much am i looking at down south to repair and paint 2 doors? there is no damage to anywhere else just the 2 doors. I need the car for friday and would really like it repaired by then if anyone knows a decent price to prevent me getting ripped off
  20. Hi Guys n Girls Just thought I'd say "hello" and yes I've finally managed to buy myself a Classic Subaru & to join this club!!!!!! Fell in love with them many many years ago, but circumstances and the image (insurance was a nightmare) made it not possible. I am currently the proud owner of a very clean Subaru Impreza UK 2000 Turbo, Version 5, model GC8, which is totally stock at the moment. Looking forward to car meets (JapShowFinale), etc. so please be patient if I ask some really daft questions :) First port of call for me though is Mapping, just to see some stats. Anyway, enjoy your day. KlassicSubi
  21. So got my up pipe and planning fitting it this saturday but have no idea what I'm doing to be honest. Garage was going to charge me £150 which i really don't have i wanna get this done myself. Anyone got a kinda tutorial on how to do this? thanks
  22. After months of messing about trying to find the problem i took my car to Steve Simpson at ZI Motorsport as he created the simtek ECU that i have. After around 4 hours on the dyno he managed to work out that the cam and crank sensors were out of time this is something no one else had seen but its all finally sorted and the car came out with 312bhp :). Basically the first guy who mapped it didn't know what he was doing even though is qualified. Highly recommend Steve and ZI Motorsport they were a great help and very fair pricing they are located in Wrexham, Wales.
  23. So recently my car has developed a sort of rattle noise its hard to explain but the noise is on when the engine is idling and speeds up and slows down when you rev it. I popped the bonnet and had a listen doesn't sound at all like its coming from the engine bay. It sounds like its maybe coming from the gearbox or mid exhaust area :S it sounds its loudest from outside the car. any ideas? should i be worried?
  24. So i have a clifford alarm fitted to my classic its a 650 mk 2 if that matters. So my door light has always been abit sketchy blinking on and off when everything appears closed and lately the door light is constantly on! i think this is making my clifford system think there is a door open. Is this a case of swapping out the door sensors for new ones? it cant be the bonnet because there is no sensor for that and the boot is all good aswell. Anyone have any ideas? cheers
  25. Right so one of my rear springs has snapped due to age i think and the rest probably on there way out i need to replace them but i have no idea what size they are so i don't know what i need to order. I have BC BR Coilovers fitted to a 1994 Classic GC8 shape impreza if anyone can tell me what size springs i need for front and rear that would be brilliant
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