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  1. Couldnt get enough leveredged on my tool. The coil was a ****** to put back in aswell, passenger side at the back
  2. Fitted a mishimoto tmic today and tried to fit new spark plugs but failed, couldnt get the plugs out 😤
  3. 2008 sti tmic for sale just bought a mishimoto tmic just the intercooler and throttle body coupler, not the y-pipe cause i need that £120 please i live in newark
  4. Ryan.c, this is scoobyclinic that are telling me these things so i quess they no what there talking about. every car whether its subaru or not will have problems once you start modifing it. Im not going to be on full chat all the time, to be honest i drive like an old man i just like to no i have the power when i need it or when i wanna have some fun
  5. No not had it strengthend. Scoobyclinic told me would be ok for 340hp. Just got HSD coilovers, japspeed decat, invidia n1 cat back, injen cold air, baileys dv and scoobyclinic are fitting a perrin 3 port before mapping. they said anything over that will need new pistons which is a shame was hoping to do a bigger turbo one day and fmic, carnt really afford an engine build. I guess the 2.5ltr arent as strong as the 2.0ltr. Still 340hp is still quick for awd. I used to have a blobeye that was 340hp and that was quick. if any of you have instagram the new owner is attak_sti i did the abw wide arch kit on it but he has took it to the next level. Least it went to a good home
  6. Mac 3 ports are supposed to be good. Im getting a perrin one which is but more expensive
  7. Nice car sam, ive also got one of thoughs but in white. Just booked mine in at scoobyclinic for some mapping. What mods you thinking of doing?
  8. Hi jesse i did buy a mishimoto one yesterday only to find out there out of stock till april so was gutted. You got any mods? Where you from?
  9. Hi people been looking for a fmic for my hatch but carnt seem to get one but plenty for the 2.5 hawkeye, does anyone no if that would fit seems its the same engine? Or is the crash bar and chassis legs in a different place? I have a 2008 hatch
  10. Hi looking for a fmic kit for my 2008 hatch, can anyone help
  11. Thanks ddoc dont have facebook though but will keep looking. Might just have to bit the bullet and spend big
  12. Thanks for the reply arent they the same amount as mishimoto?
  13. Hi new member here first post im looking for a fmic for my 08 sti hatch, japspeed are out of stock and the mishimoto one are 1k carnt bring myself to spend that much. I no some people are going to say dont bother if your not going for big power put i just like the look and the air noise they make. anyone got ine for sale