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  1. That sounds like it could be just it! Thank you very much, will get that looked in to.
  2. Hi guys, I’ve got a stock 05 WRX Wagon (well it has a cone filter and Prodrive exhaust but no map or anything) and if I sit on the motorway the temp gauge sits up at the line before scary heat, and equally if I give it some hard acceleration it gets hot pretty quick. Just wondering if my potentially old and crappy Cone air filter is to blame or something else? any advice much appreciated
  3. Thanks very much - in the end I’ve gone for KYB all round, will report back if they explode within 10 miles...
  4. Hi everyone, My strut mounts have gone on my 2005 Blobeye WRX Wagon, and looking around there seems to be loads of options but I can't find any forum advice or owner opinions (apologies if there is already a thread on this that I've missed). Does anyone have any recommendations? Whiteline seems to be a good compromise of cost and quality? Also, does anyone know if these are available as full kits or only as front and rear sets? Many thanks! James
  5. I’m collecting a late 2005 model WRX Wagon next week, and the steering wheel is seriously tired - first picture (looks worse close up) I’d like to change it to the earlier version, also pictured, is this possible or will there be airbag issues? If not this one are there any other options I have? Any help much appreciated. James