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  1. yes i herd internals are ok for bout 350 im looking for 330
  2. at min ive got full decat exhaust uprated intercooler uprated fuel pump k n cone filter forge blow off valve just got hold of sum deatschwerk 750 injectors to go on
  3. i bin told i csn go to bout 350 at most before forging looking for 330 its on 270 at min
  4. im looking for upgrade turbo for 2008 subaru impreza wrx whats best one and as anyone got 1 for sale
  5. wares best place for remapping near warrington
  6. got my remap dne at gt motorsport in stoke made tbe car lot better and faster
  7. wares best place to get remap on my 2008 wrx in northwest of england any ideas please
  8. 2008 backbox for sale off impreza wrx hatch offers
  9. il look at gettin 1 this weekend
  10. felt quicker gettin rid of cats
  11. lookin at intercooler uprated fuel pump injectors turbo the new wheels then spoiler full respray
  12. ive got wrx 2008 looking for more tuning work ive got full japspeed on it remap next week looking to do more
  13. yes it is wrx got full decat from japspeed get remap nextweek
  14. hi newbie here just got my 2008 scooby hatch back
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