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  1. Hey all Any recommendations for servicing in the Bolton area just imported my 2.5L forester and in need of 60,000 mile service Thanks all Fletch
  2. Hi Looking at anywhere i can get a price for a Tow Bar for my Forester. Would prefer OEM to after market but any advice on either would be most great full Thanks all David
  3. HI all hope you well Does anyone know of any garages that do window tint matching in and around Bolton UK? I have damaged one of my rear small windows tin on my Subaru Forester 2013 model? Thanks in advance David
  4. Hi All Has anyone been able to convert their Forester digital displays to MPH from KMS? I have a 2013 forester i am bringing back to UK but import company said they can only change the dial and the cost is 199 quid to just change the dial? I have attached my screens Thanks
  5. Wow that’s a lot cheaper than here I will wait till it’s in UK and get it rechecked it’s got to have and IVA and MOT so that will bring it back up if truly bad thanks buddy
  6. According to the service docs its the front lower control arm bushes that are showing wear and advised to change car has done 60,000 miles and dealer serviced since new so should be in decent nick what price would it be?
  7. Hi Mate They are the front lower control arm bushes showing wear and advised to replace Thanks
  8. Hi Mate Thanks for the info. I am in the process of getting car shipped to UK so prob get it done there as they said it they are showing wear not that they had split. Are they part of MOT in UK? Cant remember been down here that long
  9. HI All I have just had my 2013 Forester serviced and been informed my lower Control arm bushes need replacing anyone got an idea of price to have these replaced? Thanks all
  10. Hey all I am looking at moving back to UK and bringing my Forester with me from Aus. Does anyone know how much it would cost to get it uk compliant? Speedo fog lights rego viso etc? thanks
  11. HI All I am currently living in Australia and looking at bringing my 2.5L Subaru Forester back home with us. I see that UK do not do the 2.5 version and was wondering if anyone had either done the same and can guide me or can give some insurance companies that will insure for a reasonable price car will have new speedo installed to MPH from KMH and rear fog light added. Thanks all
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