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  1. I’m a yes. I’m also new @BrokenSpring to scoobies mate. But we’ve been locked up for too long and I’m itching to get out and about
  2. 5 is the minimum, no max. minimum amount of cars allowed on a,stand%3F Only Japanese models are allowed to display.
  3. Welcome. I like the look of that a lot
  4. Would be up for this if club planning on doing something
  5. I bet mate. My first car was a mk2 triumph vitesse, tin top. 2litre 6 straight, twin carb and it had negative camber that would kick the back end out at the slightest provocation, like turning into a junction!! Haha
  6. Looking forward to hopefully seeing this in the flesh soon
  7. Yes mate will be fully sorted and sealed Had the dent man out today to remove the numerous little parking dings that 22 years of trolleys and careless folk cause!
  8. Starting to put it back together now. Shouldn’t be too long now until it’s back on the road. My eBay suspension purchase worked out well. Might even try and get it to an event/show this year if anyone here goes?
  9. Thanks Savage I’ll take a look. Roads out my way aren’t too bad for pot holes. Have a nice twisty B road as well a couple of miles away, it’s not snakes pass like but still it’s a bit of fun. I’ll watch your progress WK, good luck with it. I’ve outsourced mine and so far the refresh/restore costs have nigh on doubled with the engine rebuild but it won’t need touching again - do it once, do it right - but still this car will owe me £15-18k (which would have brought a far more desirable model) ah well it was always about preserving something rather than making money at least in the shor
  10. Thanks mate. Managed to bag genuine classic shocks with about 200 miles on them off eBay. Just need some standard ride height springs, I think KYB do/did them not sure who else. Really want to try avoid going lower but the elbaich ones do sound decent and tempting. I’m only just north of you on the southern Norfolk/suffolk border so you know what the roads are like 😉
  11. Does anyone know where I can get (or have) OEM or OEM quality suspension for my car please? I’m after standard ride height 🙂 but apparently it’s not easy to find at the minute. Mine is shot and needs replacing
  12. More pictures. Underbody had been cleaned and dried and the chassis and suspension components are back from shot blasting along with the zinc coated bolts 🙂
  13. Things progressing along. Sub frames are off being blasted and painted gloss black. Head is skimmed, new valve guides and been reseated. Lot of carbon build up so needed to be acid bathed and soda blasted A few more pics. New engine. And some lower trailing arms that were a bit beyond their best
  14. I’m loving the golf, I’m a v dub fan at heart. Sorry for swearing on here 😂
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