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  1. Know what you mean thanks for the info
  2. Very good thought, luckily no iSight just rain sensor and wiper elements. Would be coughing more with calibration reading some threads ! Or if I had isight do you know if it needs calibrating or is that just a money spinner ?
  3. With AXA insurance and to be honest haven’t asked the question ! might give them a ring probably worth asking I suppose
  4. 2018 forester xt, small stone created minuscule crack top of screen. By that evening the chip/crack was 300mm long - gutted ! insurance company preferred repairer at £125.00 cost was national windscreen, after a bit of Googling and a visit the replacement screen wouldn’t be genuine and read a lot of issues with subarus ending up with damaged trims and heater elements not working ! have taken the hit and decided to use a Subaru dealer who does use a third party but are recommended for Subaru screens and it will be original replacement at cough, cough £1000
  5. Mainly had manual diesel 4x4 and have driven loads of normal AT cars along with DSG gearbox cars. Don’t feel any gear change obviously as cvt, low revs in I mode but when pushed revs high with continuous speed. Sports mode increased throttle response but same as I mode, sharp simulates 8 gears but still takes some getting used to as nothing like a DSG or auto. Not complaining as it’s fast and smooth just different. Don’t go in sharp mode a lot as it is a bit quick holding gears longer. For an SUV surprises a few at the lights & myself when needed.
  6. Bought a 2018 xt back in February with 18,000 miles, just had its 3rd service 22,000 and first mot at dealer £500. Great car and averaging 30mpg but that is around town, on a trip to France was getting about 37mpg. Not bad for a quick 4x4 estate car and £155 road tax. Very pleased with it at present, cvt seemed strange at first as nothing similar too auto.
  7. Have a forester xt 2018, owned since feb this year. Coming up for 5k since 16k last service. Rang Subaru dealer who sold me car for oil and filter change - was told no need as oil and filter change is 10k or yearly!
  8. Have a 2018 forester xt, no live traffic info is displayed on sat nav. Any ideas please
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