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  1. www.scoobyworld.co.uk do alot of parts for the older pre 2014 models. Also try www.scoobyparts.com. Both UK based.
  2. Some of them trying for the record for barrel rolls
  3. Gave mine a bath today to get rid of the first wave of road salting. Had to post on YouTube for viewing.
  4. Sorry just realised I posted in wrong section
  5. Just seen this in YT. I wonder if the parts shown would fit the 2014-2019 models.
  6. Now you've said that it does. I ddin't pay too much attention. Just saw shape of the rear lights and thought it was a scooby lol.
  7. Lookin nice. Don't forget the cardinal rule... always treat Mistress Scooby better than the mrs. I've spent more on mine than I have the Mrs in 19 years🤣
  8. Came across this in the Portsmouth News. Anyone know this one??? ..... https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/people/coastguard-called-out-to-rescue-car-from-langstone-harbour-3474321
  9. Vinyl work all complete now. Got them done by South Coast Wrapping in Havant if anyone in the area looking to get some work done. https://southcoastwrapping.com/ Great guy & good rates. Knows his stuff. The emblem badges were done by Dash Dynamics https://www.dashdynamics.co.uk/ .
  10. As I don't have access to social media could anyone let me know if any meets are coming up at any time. Whether it's just us Scoobs or mixed I'm not fussed. Willing to travel a bit (maybe a 40 mile radius) from Portsmouth area. Would be nice to get out and meet some people as I'm going to be grounded for a little while soon. Not because I've been naughty & upset the Mrs by getting a tasty new stainless exhaust 😆 but because I have got shoulder surgery coming soon and won't be able to drive my precious for 6 weeks at least 😭. Had pre-op already so just waiting a call for the date. Thanks guys & gals.
  11. Probably doesn't help much but you can get the MOT history here for the car. https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history You may get more info from an HPI check but other than slipping a willing helpful traffic officer a crispy 50 I don't think you'll have much luck. I was fortunate enough to get complete history of mine with all the paperwork. Even the sale copy was in there.
  12. Today mine finally got its new pipes. Sounds sooo good i'm treating it to some more vinyls tomorrow.
  13. Got my car back today with my cat back 2.5 stainless steel Powerflow custom exhaust & Red 4.5 Inch Akrapovic tips
  14. Possible to get a car sparky to do it I suppose
  15. Don' suppose you have a link where to get them do you so I can take a look?
  16. Yeah thats the one on ebay but downside is they've cut the cable. I'd have to find one that downsizes the plug. Quite pricey though.
  17. They quoted me £150 +VAT to do it but unfortunately I can't get the kit in the UK now. Tried to order but no longer available. Unless I want to pay $154 + Import costs from US. The only other place I've found is in the Netherlands for €152.
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