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  1. Grabey76


    Looking at getting the front part of exhaust changed. Sports cat to replace standard one. Already had from the cat back on the exhaust done. I know it will need a remap. Will it cause my engine any damage if I’m driving round for a month before getting the remap done?
  2. Grabey76

    Remap WRX

    Subaru Impreza WRX 230 bhp hatch 2009. Had exhaust from cat back upgraded, cosworth air panel filter added. Remap next. Any recommendations where to get it done. Live on the Wirral so northwest of England more preferable.
  3. Grabey76

    Tyres for WRX Hatch

    You get decent mileage from them?
  4. Grabey76

    Tyres for WRX Hatch

    I have Impreza WRX hatch 2009. Tyres need replacing soon. Any recommendations? Looking for quality tyres which will last and not too expensive. Looking for all year round. Been looking on Demon Tweeks website, prices seem quite competitive.
  5. Nice drive out to Ponderosa Cafe.
  6. Grabey76

    project blue

    You had it remapped? I've had two twin pipes either side, cat back exhaust and cosworth air panel filter put on. Remap next. Mines a 59 plate WRX.
  7. Grabey76

    Air Filter

    Sound from it is great. Made up and many positive comments. £480 it cost me. At longlife northwest in Deeside, North Wales. Highly recommend them.
  8. Grabey76

    Air Filter

    Mikutech mid sports note 3" out rolled. Cat back. Remap next when I've got the cash.
  9. Grabey76

    Air Filter

    New exhaust as well.
  10. Grabey76

    Air Filter

  11. Grabey76

    Air Filter

    I got the cosworth panel filter [emoji106]
  12. Grabey76

    Remap needed?

    Got it fitted. No issues. Cheers for replies.
  13. Grabey76

    Remap needed?

  14. Grabey76

    Remap needed?

    If I get my exhaust replaced on an Impreza WRX 230 bhp 2009 will it need a remap? This being from the rear upto the Cat.
  15. Grabey76

    Air Filter

    I have a Impreza WRX hatch 2009 230 bhp. Looking to upgrade air filter. Any recommendations and links?