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  1. Brakes bled, and new fluid added. I decided to tackle my sloppy gearbox, I removed the UJ joint and looked for the bushings online. I cant find any at a reasonable price, so I'm looking into fabricating something.
  2. What's that river water? Prestone coolant is half price at Tesco
  3. Coolant added today, I found lots of info about difficulty bleeding the system of air. But being a plumber helped. I just filled the heater core and block through a funnel after disconnecting from the engine. Filled the radiator through the top hose, topped the expansion tank to minimum, and filled the header tank a few times. I decided to bleed the clutch cylinders too, and it got rid of my squeaky clutch pedal, and it feels much smoother. Brakes tomorrow
  4. I've drained the coolant today, I used the radiator drain *****, took off the top hose, filled the rad with clean water and flushed it through a few times. I've removed the thermostat housing and removed the stat to get the coolant out, and disconnected the heater core hose and flushed that through a few times. I've removed the header tank and want to get it to look as new as possible. Has anyone any tips on cleaning and restoring cast aluminium?
  5. Gearbox oil is changed, rear differential oil is changed, I got zero swarf from the gearbox which I was surprised about, and very minimal tiny fillings from the rear diff. No time for coolant today. I'm attacking that tomorrow. I'm on a roll with the fluids so I may as well do the clutch, brakes, and power steering.
  6. I've had the wagon a few months now, and hit the 3000 mile mark. I've changed the oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, cleaned the MAF sensor, and changed the oil. Tomorrow is gearbox oil, rear diff oil, and coolant swap.
  7. I've collected my wheels today they are in paint code GK1 They are a subtle gold, more of a caramac colour, which I prefer. Top is new Bottom is old The pictures do nothing for them, they have been done to a brilliant standard, and every detail has been discussed and checked before completion. Thanks to BCS Automotive Nottingham
  8. Dropped of the Wagon for an alloy wheel refresh, I will get some pics tomorrow after picking it up. I'm also on the hunt for some decent brake pads for the 4 pot front and 2 pot cast iron calipers. Any suggestions would be appreciated. They are weak!
  9. The 2.5 engines have a pretty bad reputation, but most of these issues seem to come from modifying.
  10. Very nice, just be kind to it and it will give you plenty of smiles.
  11. Are these tickets just for admission, or is it a show
  12. I thought so too, mine are in for the 3rd July, I could post them but I dont think it's a good plan. I was sent the offer over a bank holiday, saying limited number of slots available, with various wheel and caliper refurbishment offers. I will put some before and after pics once they are complete.
  13. Ouch. I'm getting mine done in a few weeks at BCS Automotive in Nottingham. I asked for a quote on the website and a week later I got a special offer, it cost £185 for repair and respray in any colour, any finish with lifetime warranty.