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  1. That's very competitive. How much lower does the exhaust hang, I'm considering a similar upgrade from Richard Henry. It's easy to spend a lot if money on these cars, I'm trying to be sensible, with the budget for now The turbo rebuilds start at about £300 and then extra upgrades can get you upto £500-£1000
  2. I have been looking into turbo refurbs, they can uprate the internals for considerably less than a new one.
  3. That sound a nightmare, I'm looking into just uprating discs and pads for now, I have 4 pots on the front and 2 pots on the back, they are cast iron so don't dissipate heat as well. I've read somewhere 326mm discs for the front with 17's but not sure about the back. I'm hearing nothing but good things from Richard Henry. What sort of power gains did you see from the exhaust.
  4. Very nice. I'm looking into brake upgrades, are they 17" wheels. Andrew Carr does my tuning too where are you from? Matt
  5. Thanks Its not currently a stunner, but I'm hoping I can do some sensible work to it to impove her
  6. Thanks for the input I am considering keeping it stock, and just replacing the items that have faded and deteriorated over time. Or some subtle upgrades like turbo refurbishment, and the other things mentioned. Do you know any good turbo rebuilders? It is rare but holds no real value at the moment. I can find a few stockists for parts like ICP. It's only been in the UK 2 years and clean enough to eat off the underside.
  7. Hello everyone I've purchased my first Subi, its standard currently, I have plans for upgrades, got myself a reliable tuner who can write to my ECU, I'm considering De-cat largest possible stainless setup to turbo uprated fuel pump, uprated panel filter and remap. (Tuner reckons 320-350bhp) I'm struggling with body stiffening, i can't find any low profile under body braces for the job. (Any suggestions would be welcome)