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  1. I don't think there are many 02-05 2.0 litre models. The 2.0 litres are mostly classics and bugeyes.
  2. Tested the Taxtrix today and can log with BtSsm
  3. Engine bay is back to normal with no leaks on the banjo bolts, fuel pipes, injector seals, or any check engine lights. I'm going to try and find some apps for data logging with the taxtrix and hopefully pull the stock map off the ECU.
  4. Welcome I thought i was having a bad day. Hopefully the car will bring you some smiles
  5. Bought a Tactrix today, ready for some data logging and monitoring
  6. I have removed and inspected the brake master cylinder and, sprayed the servo. I'm just waiting for a few gaskets delivering, and I can refit everything, and hopefully start on some engine mods. I'm looking at de-cats to begin with. I'm very curious to run some water methanol mix.
  7. According to some Mercedes forums the have a similar issue. They had various fixes, like, adding pigtails to the sensor (which mine has) cutting the wires and putting butt connectors in so if the capillary attraction occurs it will drip off them before contaminating the loom. I had oil inside the sensor and the pigtails, but no further. I de-pined the pigtail and cleaned it out, with contact cleaner. It seems the oil goes down into the sensor and travels up the sensor.
  8. I discovered the reason for some of the oil on the engine How F####D up is this!?!?
  9. I'm waiting on a delivery of some fuel hose, cable conduit and banjo washers. I took the banjo bolts out of AVCS lines and the filters were clear, I just have the turbo one to do. Removed the cam and crank positioning sensors and swapped the rubbers whilst I was there. (All imperial sizes so far) and PTFE taped the oil sensor. I've started cleaning the dried oil from the engine block and cam covers, I'm concerned the cam covers are leaking but I will find out once I've cleaned off the crud
  10. Get the G4 link, drop the lump into a 6 speed STI shell, sell the left over shell and tune it to the moon.
  11. You show that care some serious love. Did you get the stroker conversion?
  12. What duty cyle are the injectors running at, at 380bhp? According to apparent best practice anything above 85% is risky as they can overheat, burn out and create issues with attomisation of fuel
  13. I've rebuilt the throttle body today, cleaned the Idle air valve and, stripped the loom off the intake manifold, it just needs a clean and wrapping in new tape. Also been reading about the banjo bolts with the oil screens in, I better clean those whilst i can get to them
  14. Started stripping down the inlet manifold, I've read that the rubber fuel hoses can become brittle, that sit on the underside of the manifold, so I'm going to replace all of them, possibly with a parallel fuel setup, injector seals and filters will be replaced, and the loom tidied up.
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