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  1. Mel i got a sheet off ebay and made a cardboard template of the hole, then cut the mesh and fitted, but taken it off again now as the red was just too much, going to paint the mesh black and re do it again. Have plenty of mesh left in red. Of course Mel we need pictures when you add mods like that ;) Mike
  2. They have until Friday to come back and then have to give 7 days notice if they intend to walk out So here we go again with bloomin panic buying of fuel for the next week
  3. Some Subura Wheel sizes, PCD and offset information, remember to always double check your fitment ;)
  4. Hello Hay and Mart and welcome to the club, great to have you aboard ;)
  5. Welcome to the club buddy, car sounds awesome ;)
  6. Buddy i would get in touch with Xtreme UK or Revolution 247 who both could help with this, see the links section ;)
  7. Hi Rich welcome to the club, bit quiet at the moment as the club builds but great to have you abaord ;)
  8. I love the BTCC and follow the Redstone team due to the Focus ST connection, also the thrill of the races is so much better than F1. Anyone else watch the BTCC and follow any teams ? Mike ;)
  9. Thats awesome Melanie, i have just purchased some replacement door speakers so far :)
  10. Stripped the grills and primed and painted the inner rims Steve, the hardest part was getting the grills out lol
  11. Front Grill now finished with Red edging and new Red STI badge :)
  12. Welcome mate i have just done sarahs rear lights as well, does look awesome. Just dont use it on the headlights, whilst they say you can it does affect the beam pattern come MOT time
  13. Hi Matey just click the follow this topic button on the right when you post ;)
  14. I am working on my wifes Asbo today doing a few modifications and then a bbq later and a nice glass of wine Whats everyone else up to Mike ;)
  15. Looking awesome mate! I use dodo juice Shampoo and blackfire polish, with a nice final coat of dodo juice candy wax. I do use autoglum for touch ups and other bits ;)
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