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  1. Hi Part worn tyre Autogrip p308 205/50zR 16 Lots of tread left collection from New Malden in Surrey £25
  2. Hi Bought for an Impreza My99, Brand new aftermarket fuel filter. £5 plus postage
  3. Hi Genuine Subaru Impreza oil filters bought for an Impreza MY99 x 2 £15 plus postage
  4. Hi for sale a brand new maf sensor for An Impreza classic MY99. £110 inc postage
  5. links for You tube as mentioned above.
  6. Sorry Annascoob, didn't mean to hijack your original post. @stants & @savage bulldogs Annascoob raised this question " - one thing he did say was that the sports cat on any system only lasts one MOT worth before having to be replaced?? Any experience of that anyone?" Any ideas ?
  7. Yes It looks like Piranha sells Cobras for all types of vehicles but did spot them selling a track day friendly example coincidentally. Could be the same company as their locations aren't far apart I.e Sheffield & Yorkshire. Anyway, we all appreciate your input SB , thanks
  8. Hi SB, do you mean seller:piranhaproducts-uk ?
  9. Insurance nightmare!

    Hi mate, I tried Flux which came back with a £1200 quote with waffley reasons as to why it was so high. Then tried a price comparison website and managed to get 1st central at £450 with 2 drivers, fully comp, etc. It is worth shopping around daily as policies do change. Good luck with the search!!
  10. Trying to find old subaru uk2000

    I can see why you'd want it back, what a cracking example!👌 What mods did you do it? Is it an Sti ?
  11. Nice well kept example!!
  12. scoobyfest 2017

    Well Done Aucky!!! 👌
  13. Jacking Points?

    Great, Thanks Aucky
  14. Jacking Points?

    Evening all Would a suitable jack point for my Classic be just beyond the sump, basically silverish metal part with the 2 bolts....see pic Thanks