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  1. Sounds like a huge ball-ache. Thanks for you advice 🙂
  2. The lower rail in which the wheels run is bent at one end preventing the window going up at all. The issue is that with the mech/glass jammed in the down position the mech cannot be removed from the door framework.
  3. The lower rail on the window mech is bent as the glass has clearly been forced down very hard. The window angle compared to the one on my car is totally different. The motor works but the whole caboodle is jammed 😞 these photos show the difference:
  4. I wonder if anyone has seen this wonky window issue before? The top of the glass should be parallel to the door top sill. I think something had happened during it's journey from the seller to me. I can't see anything obvious when looking into the door with the card removed but something has gone wrong... Matty
  5. Thanks for the reply but I need to know the right 2 pins to put a 12v supply to to power the window. I've already done the things you mention above. The door is one I have just purchased and it has seen delivered with the glass sitting in the down position but it's at a weird jaunty angle as if The glass has been pushed down physically at the front side. The motor clicks When the switch is activated, but the Mech won't move. I want to power it inside the house via a 12v supply. Thanks Matty
  6. Hello. I am hoping that someone can advise me. I need to put a 12v feed into my rear door loom to power the window motor as something is jammed and the glass wont go up at all. Which of the wires / pins are the live feed and the earth/ neutral please? Thank you Matty
  7. I have read that my 04 XT has a front speaker system ready wired for a tweeter with a crossover already installed. I have the wires in the sail covers on the front windows but with the door card off on the drivers side for now I see no evidence of a crossover... What do the oem crossovers look like and where would they be? I want to fit components in the front but need to know if I should buy crossovers or not... Thanks Matty
  8. Right so after removing grille, trim piece and headlamp I had to take all the push/pull clips out around the front bumper as far across as the inside edge of the opposite headlamp and around and under the wheel arch and take out the 2 bolts which attach the foglight to the front assembly. the one accessed on the top via the foglight cowl is defo needed to be removed, the one "under" the foglight accessed through the wheel arch liner might only have been attached to the bumper anyway - not sure. With all this done I was able to unclip the washer block, remove the hose from the one-way valve and draw the cracked block out from the top of the front subframe assembly. Working in reverse I put the new block in and finally clicked the new nozzle assembly into place. 2 hours work but very good to have the thing sorted :) Matty
  9. Followed above instructions and got grille and headlamp out no issue... However... This does not give access to the base block of the headlamp washer. I had to refit the lamp and grille as ran out of time but I will need to get the clips out on the top surface of the bumper I think and try and prise the bumper away to make a gap to put my hand through and try to unclip and remove the cracked block and then refit the new one. I'll update the thread when I have had a go. I would think this is a very regular breakage but little info available on the www Matty :)
  10. Thank you both very much :) PM sent Peejay Matty
  11. Hi All So one of my headlamp washers got knocked off and the base block cracked. I have the replacement parts which is a good start. Is there an easy way to swap out the washer nozzle base which is in the front bumper? It's clear it needs to go on from below and be held in with a metal clip. I really hope it's not a bumper off job... Thanks for any advice. Matty
  12. I have joined this forum as I have just bought a Forester ll Turbo on an 04 Plate I've only done 70 miles in her so far but it's already got me smiling. I look forward to gleaning lots of useful info on the forum. Thanks Matty :)