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  1. Scoobaru02

    Genuine Beatrush gc8 under panels

    Cancelled my subscription can admin remove this whole post please as won't be on here any longer. Thanks
  2. Scoobaru02

    Genuine Beatrush gc8 under panels

    No interest!
  3. group buy guys check the link above Needing 10 people for discount Can anyone who wants to put their name down on the FB page also put down that they had seen link from this forum please. Cheers Scoobaru02
  4. Bought but doesn't fit my facelift classic This goes in the glovebox to hide two 60 mm gauges and two slots aswell for turbo timer or gauger controller or rev limiter etc This is brand new and only taken out packaging to test fit which it didn't (Only fits prefacelift) This is a genuine HKS item Price is 160 signed for posted PayPal payment only and buyer to cover fees
  5. As title looking for a JDM Double Din surround for my classic
  6. Was a subaru in the scrappy but was a newage one
  7. Not tried subaru yet but will check out and see what sort of price they come out with
  8. Hi Matt, its the one that covers the jack
  9. Looking for the plastic cover that is on the left side in the boot in black as mine is missing when i bought it
  10. Scoobaru02

    carbonfibre fog light covers

    Thanks stants ☺
  11. Could anyone recommend a company that makes Genuine carbonfibre parts as im looking for fog light Covers for my classic wagon and seen a couple on Ebay but not sure how good the quality will be.
  12. Scoobaru02

    Where is Everyone in Scotland?

    Hi linsaymacarthur :) Got a uk 2000 wagon Loving your Scooby by the way :D
  13. Scoobaru02

    Newbie from Dundee

    Thanks Jay762 will have a look ☺
  14. Scoobaru02

    Newbie from Dundee

    Thanks and will get some pics up ☺