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  1. It says in the manual you should use it. Why would you go against what the manual says?
  2. WillL

    New BRZ

    You don't have the oil changed at 1k. Your friend shouldn't worry too much about whether it is run in properly, it will have the balance of the 5 year drive train warranty.
  3. WillL

    Smart Watches

    I'd been thinking about buying a smart watch for quite some time but the things that put me off were the charging frequency and to get the most of it, you really need to use it most days. I was thinking about getting an Android one but eventually settled for a Pebble Time Steel. What I like about this is that you can go 10 days without charging and also that it is waterproof. It probably isn't as feature rich as Android and the Apple watches, but it does what you need from a smart watch - receive notifications and tell the time. The other stuff is just a bonus.
  4. Hi all. Need to clear my garage so want to shift some exhaust parts at bargain (I think) prices. First up I have a Milltek resonated or non resonated secondary cat back exhaust system (I have both centre pipes so you can take your pick). I'm looking for £400. If you would like to buy one of the centre pipes separately I'm looking for £125, but once I've sold one I will want to sell the other with the exhaust system. Lastly I have a Berk Technology front pipe with high flow cat, I would like £165 for this. All of these parts are nearly new having been used for between 25 - 200 miles. I live in Essex and can deliver if close by or maybe meet you half way (depending on where you are located).
  5. WillL

    New BRZ

    Glad you are enjoying it. I still have mixed feelings on mine. I don't find it a particularly comfortable drive and would like more power.
  6. WillL


    My scientific study has shown that my car's computer is 4% off, that is thinking the consumption is 4% better than it really is.
  7. WillL

    First service

    I've heard that, but wanted to check. This is pretty poor if true as I assume it means non Subaru servicing results in an incomplete service record.
  8. Have my first service coming up in November. Having looked at my service book there is a page for pre-delivery checks and annual body work checks, but no pages for an annual service stamp! Does everyone else with a BRZ have nothing in their service book for an annual stamp?
  9. WillL


    Is that from the car's CPU or actual consumption measured at the pump?
  10. I have listed it on Pistonheads and Gumtree separately for GT86 and BRZ. I'll just have to play the waiting game...
  11. Thought I'd bump this due to the parts still sitting in my garage. I'm also advertising this on Gumtree and Pistonheads. Am I asking an unreasonable amount? I thought 25% off new price was pretty reasonable given the newness and low mileage.
  12. For a BRZ of GT86. No idea what a hatch kit is.
  13. Milltek Secondary Cat Back non resonating exhaust. Cost me £644.85 and I would like £480. Berk front pipe with high flow cat. Cost £274.51 and I would like £205. Note: High flow dog does not come with exhaust system.
  14. Milltek Secondary Cat Back non resonating Exhaust Berk Front pipe with high flow cat. The exhaust cost £644.85 and I'm asking £480. I think Milltek exhausts have a life time warranty but not sure if that is transferable. The front pipe cost £274.51 and I'm asking £205.
  15. I'll get some pictures later. Not sure what price to sell the parts for but I'll have a think when I post the pictures.