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  1. Hello I live in London and need some help to remove my engine from my forester been having some problems with oil leak from some where plus other bits I want to check and change , if any ones willing to give me a hand please done mine paying or a few drink can contact me on 0794441680. regards
  2. Hi everyone am new to this build log thing just want to share few bits I've done to my and future plans: Build log # 1 : So as everyone can see this is my new ride this is the 3rd one ive own over the years was in the process of bringing over a cross sport but got !Removed! over by the bank then came across this beauty. so after i got it to my house couple weeks later like everyone ive own i gave it a once over changed the engine oil used shell helix hx7 10w-40 , front brakes got change , cabin filter and air filter,had a few of my mates company stickers slap that on both sides of the rear glass didn't like the rims on it had a set of wrx rim sitting around so decided to slap it on with a set of 225/50/17 maxxis all season tyres and had the wheels alignment done as well and that concludes that till next time. Old rims on the car before I swap it and change the brakes. The state of the pollen filter 😲😲😲 in the cabin that's why it's good to check often. Gave the wheel a good clean before they were on the car got me a bottle of merlin's blood sprayed it on and let it work its magic.💥End results.
  3. Hello mate we only have the front sti type 2 bumper and sidelete skirt with stb turbo style rear bumper give us a call on 07557449191 and we can take it from there
  4. Hello mate the cross sport is a very good platform in the foresters far better than the English xt models
  5. Hello mate cheers for that any information will help @Buggyeye
  6. Hello has anyone on the forum imported a vehicle from japan and know how much would it be calculated by to clear and all the steps and charges including departments need to visit or inform once the car get here . Regards
  7. Hi if anyone on here is interested in getting sf5 jdm bumpers hook me up or japwestmods.co.uk we got few fresh imported ones for sale and other jdm parts.