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  1. Iv just bought and sc38 turbo from scooby clinic plus a 3 port boost solenoid. So we will see what happens mate. Im just wondering if the sti injectors will be enough or if i need to replace them aswell.
  2. Aye hes definitely clued up! Top guy and great to talk to. Aw i use to take the wagon down the quarter mile and it was brilliant so want to see what the blob runs so hopefully andy can work his magic and get it close to 400bhp! Lol
  3. Ha quality. Back in Barrhead tomorrow to drop the car off at soundmaster. Stadard speakers are crap! Haha we should meet up mate. Your scoob looked mint mate👍
  4. Definitely mate! Its only childish to the people that dont understand scoobys! Haha iv got family that live in Grangemouth so not to far from forth road bridge... Could always meet up there to start. Heading up to see Andy at RA motorsport in the next few weeks to get the car ready for crail lol
  5. Did you pass me in Barrhead by any chance? Lol
  6. Thanks mate! Yours is a cracker too👍 aye everyone says something about the reg. It suits it! Haha. Aye that would be good mate, will need to get something organised.
  7. Hi mate im from Paisley. First post on the owners club! Always good to meet other scooby members lol got a bugeye wrx wagon and blobeye sti👍 gimmie a shout if your ever up Glasgow way mate.