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  1. pat1977


    Slightly Just gotta decat or sports cat it then stage 1 remap it
  2. pat1977


    Hi can anyone tell me whats the best oil to use in my 2004 impreza wrx the oil cap dont say anything and ive been told and ive used it 5w30 but the letters at the end of it does that matter aswell like c3 or ag or af or a5/b5
  3. hi stuartie my kids cant wait for me to get one,mind you am they same lol.dont you use it in winter ,thought you might like abit of winter fun. thats another reason i want one is the awd system,i dont want a 4x4 tank lol but need to go up abit of a hill to my house. and when it snows i sometimes have trouble getting up the street,but the biggest reason for having one is its a scooby ya got to love them hahahaha. hope you had a good day and thanx for the info and the chat mate
  4. thanx stuartie i knew about the arches but taking in what else you said,i know what to look out for now. ive been wanting one for a while,and my partner told me after christmas we will get one. which is made me and the kids happy lol
  5. hi all i found you through trusty old google lol,was looking to find some info for when i get my new love ( WRX ) after christmas nice meet you all
  6. hi everyone am new to the scooby seen,am getting my first scooby after chritmas and i cant wait. can you help me with some info so i know what to look out for,and can you let me know what the reliability of them please. am looking at getting a 2000 wrx to a 2004 wrx thanks for your help pat