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  1. Paul888

    1998/99 GC8 ABS Issues

    Thanks Savage 👊
  2. Paul888

    1998/99 GC8 ABS Issues

    Hi hope everyone is good. 1998/99 Uk 2000 Abs light suddenly came on a few weeks back, i noticed the pump was silent ( it had been sounding a bit ropey lately) so i changed the abs pump. Changed brake fluid for fresh bled the calipers cleaned the sensors. Pump sounds good now so assuming it’s working fine My ABS light is still on, is there a set way to turn it off) ? i have googled it but can’t find a definitive answer) tried pulling battery & pulling fuse to no avail Id be grateful if anyone could help on how to reset the abs light. Thanks
  3. Paul888

    Classic ej20 head gasket or not ?

    Will do cheers :)
  4. Paul888

    Best engine swaps for 99 uk turbo

    Cheers Savage appreciate the info !
  5. Paul888

    Best engine swaps for 99 uk turbo

    Good to know thanks man . 👊
  6. Paul888

    Best engine swaps for 99 uk turbo

    Cheers tidgy , i was originally thinking brand new ej207 block and re using ej20g heads i have already . But as you mention a classic sti engine would be good enough just finding a good one , and if a rebuild is advised i’d rather go new block etc ..
  7. Hi all wanted to pick your brains for the best swaps engine wise, my engine is a 1998 , 96k (ej20g) pulls well not had any major issues with it,but instead of whipping the heads off (after suspected head gasket leak) which i’ve yet to trace and confirm, i’m considering future engine swaps in the coming months/year. I don’t want massive power 280-300 would do i’ve read about ej207 blocks and mating the ej20g heads to it, but am unsure of the full facts of the conversion like looms, can i use existing ej20g inlet manifold etc ? headgasket thickness, will everything i remove from the ej20g bolt back up to the 207 block using ej20g heads ? Or is a complete ej205 swap easier ? i’m not monied, so funds are not unlimited tbh . Sorry to bore those who frequently read these type of questions but my knowledge isn’t great engine wise, and google seems to throw up loads of usdm answers that aren’t relevant,cheers in advance . Paul .
  8. Paul888

    Classic ej20 head gasket or not ?

    Cheers Mr B haven’t any issues with knocking etc so hopefully at worst headgasket i’ll inspect and test if i find anything either way i’ll post up . 😊
  9. Paul888

    Classic ej20 head gasket or not ?

    Yes thank you, i don’t have any oil and water mixed which is one good thing, i’m going to check water pump today it is possible it could be this . The car does not over heat at all. I will check all hoses etc . 😊
  10. Paul888

    Classic ej20 head gasket or not ?

    To be honest i’ve not checked the bubbles in the tank situation will do tomorrow thanks . When you say refresh the whole hole bottom end what do you mean ? split the casing and do complete rebuild ?
  11. Hi all thought is ask your opinions before panicking, lately the impreza 99 uk wrx ej20g has been losing water out of the header tank, i’ve been checking it weekly and although it’s not overheating by the end of the week the tank empties itself, there has been brown gunk on the cap i’ve wiped it off, and refilled tank with fresh anti freeze but a week later it’s empty. Ive had a look for obvious leaks but can’t see any, yesterday i left it running and it missed when i tried to rev it, only happened once and drove it home and it was fine no missing at all but now i’m thinking head gasket . If it is how do you know which side has gone ? Cheers in advance Paul
  12. Paul888

    Rocker cover Bolt stripped Ej20g

    If mine doesn't seal soon i'll be looking for a similar end game lol .
  13. Paul888

    Rocker cover Bolt stripped Ej20g

    Cheers Piggy . Well i cleaned out the thread with a tapper and tried again but no luck, so i tried a stainless bolt that was 5-6 mm longer and it turns out the thread in the head is longer than the oe bolts are,so i replaced the subaru bolt with an exact copy. I did this by adding a sleeve to the thread on the bolt so the original oil seals still work, then done up the bolt and as it's 5mm longer it does up, so this solved the problem. However the other day a drop of oil was again leaking on the manifold causing smoke again ffs .Checked the bolts and the lower bolts are looser than they were, like they are working loose ( i did use medium threadlock) but obviously this isn't good enough so bought some high strength , which i'm going to use this week. Got to say the design on the ej20 rocker covers as far as sealing the gasket and oil is crap, stupid stuff spoils the rest of the car as it's been reliable as cars go.. I hope once i've used the threadlock that will be it it would be nice to drive without smoke appearing every so often .
  14. Paul888

    Rocker cover Bolt stripped Ej20g

    Cheers might give it a go but it's so tight getting a tap in there would be hard, even bought new bolts proper subaru ones but it just won't take. Need to investigate it more on the weekend .
  15. Hi all i've had an ongoing issue with a leaky rocker cover ( drivers side uk) bottom left bolt seems to keep working loose and hey presto two week later it starts dropping again. Long story short tried doing it up again this week and it's not taking won't do up so it's stripped. I know the normal process of Helicoil / Time sert but it's the bottom left bolt ( hardly any access) . Im not in the position to lower the subframe right now or willing to take the head off or engine out, im considering temporarily so i can use it for a few weeks or take it to a garage of bonding a stud thread in with a nut to tighten up on rocker cover . Any thoughts ? will it stay bonded with oil all over it ? is there enough room to get the cover off with a stud there ? Advice appreciated just thinking it through before the weekend . Cheers