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  1. Ahhh you got a big perk there then, would love to have mine resprayed once all the other work is finished but not sure I could justify the cost of it as I'd be paying full price
  2. How much was your respray and did you do any prep work on before for it? SHINYYY
  3. Took the bulky intake resonator out the wing and chopped it up in to an elbow and resealed it in search of a bit better air flow to the factory airbox to compliment the pipercross panel filter I have in there.
  4. Depends what you want out of the car as a good wrx is 4-6 thousand £ while a good sti is 8-11 thousand £ You can have a wrx put out upto 350bhp on its stock internals with around 1k of mods for wrx a vf35 turbo, 565cc fuel injectors, panel filter, sports cat/decat exhaust, fuel pump and spark plugs with a remap all thats needed to go any further with performance mods past 350 bhp you risk blowing up the 5 speed gearbox. the sti is capable of around 400bhp before you spend big money on engine rebuilds as uprated steel rods & forged pistons and an uprated clutch are recommended past that I personally love my wrx and couldn't afford an sti when I bought it and wanted to also have it as a project car to overtime build it up myself to how I want it while teaching myself how to do it all :) it's my daily car for the current time so more than happy with it. An sti would be on the cards for me when I finish building up this wrx and can afford to get another more sensible car as a daily and save up the difference and sell my finished project on and choose an sti that I would then have bigger end goals for.
  5. fitted a new boot latch as my old one was knocking and didn't feel secure, no more knocking and feels much more secure :)
  6. scoobyclinic have quite a few nightmare stories which can be seen in online reviews which was enough to put me off planning taking my car there, if your coming from the isle I'd go the extra mile and go to andy forrest for the mapping, he is probably one of the most experienced and would be able to give you some good advice on any of your other issues before hand if it could hinder the mapping
  7. modified the stock air intake resonator (cut off the resonator box and resealed the elbow)
  8. My favourite tool
  9. Vibrating magic wand with brushing action and degreaser for the engine bay
  10. ring road was busy when I saw it earlier, all the weekend caravanners going for a freezing easter weekend away should have calmed down by now
  11. Sad to see it go, gutted :(
  12. Having fun with my new dashcam and found it hard to contain myself after spending the evening watching the grand national in town then headed for my car by the river to go home and had this female driver entertain me for a few minutes with her husband getting very embarrassed
  13. congrats!
  14. Found one from mishimoto that should do the job nicely and match up with my other bits from them :)
  15. Thanks! Some of the old rubber hoses were tired so glad to have done it before anything gave way and made a mess!