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  1. As I understand it from teh research I did prior to buying teh hatch - the blocks were the same between WRX and STI - as you say internals differ on earlier models buuuuuut IM am not convinced the hatch internals do either - all the stuff I found prior to buying the hatch in WRX vs STI spec related to chassis and I/C not engine internals - but happy to be corrected on that, maybe if they did differ from the factory some of the reported failures may not have happened???
  2. Hi - couple of Spec D's I looked at initially were both grey so not sure about the just silver colour scheme.
  3. good luck with the sale - clean looking motor there
  4. Wotcha and welcome!!
  5. Wotcha and welcome - feel free to get stuck in, all friendly on here - I look forward to hearing about your motor as there have been some mixed feedback on suabru diesels
  6. Wotcha and welcome - get one which has already had forged pistons put in. I had an STI with the prodrive package running 330 bhp which later became the 330s model, had no issues. Am looking forward to having another.
  7. car on axle stands - took wheels in to be repaired and powdercoated
  8. as above have it activated dependant on the temp of the oil not the temp of your water, your tranny oil may be working harder than your rad coolant
  9. Wotcha and welcome - what is your budget?
  10. Wotcha and welcome - cracking motor the RB320 - really hold their value as well
  11. Wotcha and welcome - as above anything that unloads teh front grip while cornering can unsettle the car and have the back end come around but the x4 wheel alignment may shed some light - do you trail brake?
  12. Hi

    Wotcha and welcome - feel free to share photos - loads of info on the site
  13. £50 a corner still seems relevent - looking to get mine done - the £50 option includes some kerb damage repair
  14. much as this is a subaru forum we are quite open about the short comings of the brand and the fact, unfortunately, is that subaru are comparitively new to the diesel technology and still have a way to go to get to the same levels the petrol solution has achived. For the mileage you are wanting go for a petrol Subaru or an alternative diesel brand model with a longer development history
  15. Wotcha and welcome - nice motor there