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  1. New Owner - another new forum

    Wotcha and welcome - dependant on head unit you should be able to retro fit one - I looked for my impreza and got the bits no problem
  2. ooooo would love to take you up on that one, lovely piece of kit
  3. 1.5R hatchback

    Wotcha and welcome - yup power to weight ratio is a bit down so you may find it a bit thirsty but if your insurance gives you no option it is a compromise - keep us posted
  4. Well hello there ...

    Wotcha and welcome!! hatch or saloon?
  5. White Stuff

    Was out yesterday and have been out today but pretty sure Ill be back out again shortly
  6. Wotcha and welcome - this is a subject that can go around as there are varying experiences with different mappers, good and bad. I am not sure about Portsmouth area but If I remember there was a recommendation for a team a bit further north of you - ill have a dig around and see if I can find the thread, but you could use teh search function on this forukm and read some of the recommendations in other threads and following discussions...
  7. Headlight dim and goes off on main beam

    Wotcha and welcome - sounds like you could have an earth between the two - check your connections are corrosion free and dry
  8. newby in north west

    That is quite the different driving experience for sure
  9. Hi All!

    Wotcha and welcome - do love a hatch me
  10. Hi, new member

    Wotcha and welcome!!
  11. New member

    Wotcha and welcome - great motor you have there, feel free to create a project thread on the forum as not sure how many use the instagram app
  12. Hi guys

    Wotcha and welcome - very tidy, plenty of Fozzie members on here so feel free to get stuck in, all friendly
  13. New Member - XV Tyre advice

    Wotcha and welcome there is a thread on here about replacement tyres and the positive feedback went to the Nokian Weatherproof but it would depend on if you want something more off road orientated??
  14. Wotcha and welcome - I had a fair old drive to collect my scoob as well - worth it though