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  1. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Had the car re-aligned today after fitting new KYB struts and pro-drive springs on Thursday, I thought while the struts were out cleaning the wheel wells would be a great idea, did the rears then cba to do the fronts too, will get around to doing it sooner or later! Took the standard struts apart to reuse the top mounts and ended up taking about 6 hours all-in-all after building up and refitting.. Car handles much better now, and the ride is noticeably stiffer which is nice. Would have liked a bit more drop on them though to be honest, i'd go coils with a cm or two gap if it wouldn't ruin the handling =[[ at least that's what i've heard. Weirdly the fronts seem to fully extend when the car is jacked up, meant that i had to jack the front axle up a little to get the wheel back on even though it was up on axle stands after i'd finished the job. Hopefully it will settle down a little once they've been on the car for a while!
  2. 18" Rota Torque Drift in Gold

    I'd love to have these, but they're 5x114 =[ Also, are you sure they are the drift derivative? The drift models tend to have a more aggressive curvature to the spokes (probably a better way to describe but can't think of it), whereas these just look like regular torques!
  3. Uk 300 Prodrive headlights

    Hey Gambit, Was trawling through a different forum and found some lights which could be what you're looking for? Albeit a bit more expensive than what the eBay ones went for, could offer them though.
  4. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Sounds about right for a dealer, i had quite a lot of issues with mine which i also bought from a dealer. I went to a local specialist and had them give an opinion on some of the issues i was experiencing and then went back to the dealer, they did sort out the majority of things for me so i can't complain too much, but some of the things do come under wear and tear which they may or may not cover. These issues that were apparent prior to collection, if they weren't noted on the sales receipt, should be covered for replacement however.
  5. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    On the cards, more interested in a DA before pressure washer to be honest! With regards to oil for your car, have a look on opieoils. They have a recommended oil, discount and fast postage! Your knocking could be due to rear strut top mounts, seems to have been a common area of issue!
  6. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Only £40?? In 8 washes you'll have broken even, and probably done a better job than the other hand washers! Be warned though, it's a slippery slope to spending a lot of money. I'm still building up my supplies/tools and i'm probably over £100. My car is clean though =/ I haven't done anything to the car per se, i've bought new springs and struts though so that'll be done soon!
  7. Holy MPG Batman!!

    Best i've managed thus far on a PPP 05 wagon according to fuelio is 33.59, i think that's an anomaly though so i'll go with the runner up of 32.89. Not too bad really, but with fuel on the up again i've been driving with a feather-light right foot! Unless i get provoked, on closed roads of course.
  8. Few bits for 05 WRX Wagon (Blob)

    updated - 05/06/16
  9. @matt They're asking 250 for the complete set, and they're in pretty awesome condition from the looks of the photos. Going to look into the cost of fitting and alignment but i'd image another 150 or so, so £400 (ish) all in
  10. Hey, I have the opportunity to change the suspension on my 05 wagon for an inverted setup from a JDM sti (50mm?) and since the struts on mine are pretty rusty anyway, and i was considering changing it for some springs/struts, would this be a worthy upgrade?? I've read up on it a bit, and have seen that i may encounter - some negative camber issues on the rear, quite possibly some butt sag (ha!), and that it may be worth rebuilding the rears to counter any knocking issues. Does anyone have any experience with this, or can offer any advice? Thanks!
  11. My legacy

    Probably better off posting it in the classifieds wanted section rather than discussion on wheel choices!
  12. Thought i'd create a list of bits i'm after for the wagon, instead of individual posts. If you have something on here please contact me with price/pictures! Suspension - STI rear ARB, or an upgrade from the standard, uprated drop links Wheels - Mostly interested in Rota torque or equivalent, 17s preferably but could be swayed with other options Interior - Boost gauge, STI gauges, STI gaitor Engine - STI TMIC, STI Turbo, STI downpipe (think it fits) Trans - Short shifter kit MISC - Bits i'm most interested in at present would be the wheels. Thanks!
  13. Subaru WRX Blobeye Progress Thread

    I do too, my housemates & mrs take the **** out of how much i wash mine. They just don't understand!
  14. Subaru WRX Blobeye Progress Thread

    Ah nice, thanks for the links! I'm not really a fan of silver cars (having had one, not a scoob though) but jeez your paint looks amazing! Gratz.
  15. 05 blob wrx

    @aucky, ah fair enough. Yeah i'm a sucker for the dial swoop like the majority of motorcycles have, such a small thing but oh-so satisfying! Any particular paint to use? I see plastidip is rather popular nowadays but may just go for something matte grey, graphite sort of colour in regular paint!