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  1. 1993 JDM WRX 'Fix' thread

    I had to cancel my appointment with Bob Rawle last week which i was gutted about. I am looking to head down to see him at the end of the month, 1st map will be an eco map, hoping to see about 35mpg, and the second map will be what I can safely see, 300ish, I dont want to be breaking gearboxes tho lol.
  2. 1993 JDM WRX 'Fix' thread

    I had work at 4pm last friday and didn't finish it until 3pm lol, I started it and it was really rough, turns out i forgot to tighten up the bottom of the up pipe Fixed that and it ran a lot better. But I messed up the rear exhaust, it was not aligned properly and the gasket needed replacing. Sorted that today and it sounds a lot better and doesn't gas me out when i stop at traffic lights which is always a bonus! This has completely changed the car! It is insane! Pulls all the way through the rev range when the turbo kicks in, the old map pulled to 4000rpm and then dropped off and by 6000 it was gone. This sounds evil and is now a proper scooby!
  3. 1993 JDM WRX 'Fix' thread

    Then my turbo turned up and a corner had broken off So I created a steel washer, found the broken piece in the box and super glued the broken piece to the main bit just so that it would be in place when I tightened the bolts. Then I cleaned off my resonator delete and painted it with high temp gloss black. My air intake pipe was absolutely filthy, I think a 3 port catch can will be soon. Cleaned it all out with brake cleaner before fitting.
  4. 1993 JDM WRX 'Fix' thread

    I have been really busy with the wagon over the last few weeks, I have been stockpiling bits and pieces to all go on at the same time. TD05 turbo that has done aprox the same mileage as my car, 70 odd thousand miles. 2.8 bar map sensor Newage coil packs and pfr7 spark plugs gapped to 6mm as per request from bob rawle Walbro fuel pump Greddy up pipe ESL board with a 6k map on it that will work with my mods until I can get it mapped soon. Yellow injectors First though I had some maintenance and cleaning to do whilst I had space in the engine bay, my intercooler was proper messed up, so I bought a second and fixed the fins on that and just swapped them over. My old one Cleaning all done.
  5. whats peoples thoughts on lowering

    Quite possibly because its already quite a low car... It made the steering all twitchy and the tyres wear unevenly. A bad experience that im wary of repeating.
  6. New guy in kent

    Damn those are some bright wheels, welcome
  7. Hello from a newbie

    Hi, and welcome. I hope you find the parts you are looking for. Contact some import business's (import car parts, import monster, Jesse Streater), breakers, and not pushing you away at all, but try a legacy specific forum for parts or breakers. Make sure you let us know how you get on.
  8. Pet? What you got?

    This guy used to be my cat, the missus took him and his sister. This guy was my fave though, he was lazy, full of attitude but always up for a laugh, as smart as a brick (I love that expression, someone said it on a previous post) but totally awesome. I called him Storm. Its been 9 years, cant quite believe it, but I still miss him.
  9. whats peoples thoughts on lowering

    I lowered my old celica on eibachs, worst mod I did to that car. It wore the tyres on the inside I think? It changed the steering a bit, and made it a bit harsh over bumpy roads, not too bad though. I think personally, that if you are going to lower, do the whole package not just springs, you need to be able to adjust camber etc to compensate and stop uneven wear on the tyres. For my current car I dont want to lower it much but want to improve the ride, so am looking at koni adjustable shocks and some springs, not sure which ones yet.
  10. Looking after your pride and joy

    I use a wax free soap to wash, then when i have time a polish, then I use 100% carnauba wax. She comes up a treat... for a few days at least
  11. td05 banjo

    Well I feel like a right Rodney, I didnt check the oil feed on the turbo before I went into panic mode. It is a 10mm banjo on the turbo side and 12mm on the engine side, so its ready to go. Its old, but i have checked and there is no dirt or blockages on it so its going on. Its a shame as I have a fancy new aftermarket one that I will have to return or sell on. I wonder why some td05's have 12mm and some have 10mm banjo bolts?
  12. Hi, My turbo finally arrived, had some slight issues, but all sorted now. Started putting bits together to fit it and found my new oil feed pipe (12mm banjo) is too big, the turbo takes a 10mm. Went to my car to check and the banjo there is a 12mm. Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone have any advice on how to fix it? Thanks
  13. TD05 Exhaust housing

    Little update, the broken part was in the box, the seller claims it must have fractured in transit, I want to believe him as I dont get a dodgy vibe from our conversations. I am going to get it welded tomorrow.
  14. TD05 Exhaust housing

    Ok, thanks, will get on it
  15. TD05 Exhaust housing

    Does anyone happen to have a TD05 Exhaust housing? The turbo I have just bought has a corner snapped off where it bolts to the uppipe, the previous owner didnt tell me when i bought it, my car is a daily driver and off the road until this is fixed. The turbo is completely fine apart from that. It will take too long to send it back to him, get a refund and find another.