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  1. I appear to have sorted my injector problem out, took them out one by one and checked them out, all looked perfect. New seals that i put on a few weeks ago looked fine. I used a bit of red teflon grease to seat the seals and made sure i didnt put too much on that would interfere with the fuel and she started perfectly. I took her for a run around the block at low revs, sub 1500 in first and second and no kangarooing! Tomorrow will be the acid test, will it mess up overnight. I also fitted phillips h4 racing vision plus 150% bulbs so i can finally see at night in oncoming traffic
  2. Thanks to advice from the mapper i have found the problem starting and in low gear at low revs to be a leaking injector seal. When starting the car at work earlier i smelt fuel whilst it was trying to turn over which confirmed the problem. Problem is I put new seals on when fitting the injectors which where sonically cleaned and flow tested before fitting.
  3. When i have some spare cash im buying the lead for my esl so I can do the same, or at least help find the problem before I have to go get mapped again. Its a bit of a pig to start. (not going on an I hate the mapper rant, the rest of it seems to be fine.) And I wouldn't mind knowing what the cause of the problem is before i go driving off if its not a mapping problem. Anyway, today I bought a v2 sti steering rack with roll centre track rod ends (whatever they are lol). That will replace my leaky wrx steering rack and I will replace the bushes and few other bits at the same time.
  4. I wish i could make head or tails of the info I read on esl data. I'm thinking of buying the cable to attach to mine to get the data off so I can learn how it runs.
  5. @GeoffLeggy Haha im already all smiles! But yes once the leaks are sorted I will be happy. I was just going to fit the koni shock inserts and that will be that. However.... I am now thinking about buying prodrive or similar springs. I dont want slammed or track settings. I am after slightly lowered and firmer that will cope with B roads and Shropshire pot holes. Also I am thinking about buying a set of cheap GF8 shocks and cleaning them up and painting them, fitting the inserts and getting everything ready for the day of fitting to avoid any complications that can be avoided on the day. And whilst I'm at it I may aswell look at anything else I can replace whilst they are off.
  6. Lol dude I have the same problem! I have no engine issues other than some leaky bits but I have noticed that air sound when accelerating. I have only noticed it the last few weeks, probably because I have been closing my windows since the cold started and they have been open all summer. I know nothing about the air system, but in my head a broken air recycling switch thing might allow air pushed by driving into the cabin even when you switch the recycle cabin air button, which I tried. Or if the switch isnt broken, then the bit of plastic that the switch moves to block air will be broken. I have no idea, they are just thoughts i have had. Edit, it might not be that because i just remembered I get it when the air unit dial thing is switched to off, so it should not be allowing any air through the system...
  7. Fuel octane wants the truth?

    I am not entirely sure what exactly it will do to your car. I can only speak from experience with a lot older import. I have been using tesco 99 for the last year with occasional shell vpower top ups and had no problems. I recently changed jobs and started using texacos 97 ron performance fuel. Thought it would do the job. The car slowly started running like a bag of nails, kangarooing in low gears when approaching traffic lights slowly etc. This went on for a week and a half before i finally realised that it wasnt a mechanical problem. Filled up with half a tank of shell and half of tesco 99 and the problems disappeared. This to me backs up their claim. There is a difference between fuels. Im no scientist or engineer, but read that higher octane fuels react differently under high heats and combustion pressure. It would make sense that higher bhp targets include higher heat and combustion pressure.... When my car was mapped yesterday the mapper asked me what fuel i had in my tank and what fuel i was going to use regularly. I had my shell, tesco mix in it and said I would continue with that. It sounds like you dont have a choice about the fuel you will use, but thankfully above 280bhp imo 30bhp wont make an extreme amount of difference, get an aggressive map and you will still be really happy.
  8. @GeoffLeggy Yeah! It will be fun if i can get my mates to help though. I cant wait to get rid of that burning oil smell everytime i pull up somewhere! Also my engine is filthy, I cant wait to clean it and it stay clean! Yesterday I had alan carr map the car. He was an alright chap. Not very talkative. The two maps are awesome. A low boost one to try and save on petrol day to day, its running 0.5bar of boost, Alan says that it is slightly more power over all than factory but using less fuel and smoother due to the newage coil packs and other mods combined with less boost, so about 230 i guess. The second map is 1.2 bar of boost and about 310 he reckons. Its absolutely nuts I tried to get to the appointment in time to let the car get cold but he put me ahead of someone who had dropped the car off for the day so it was still warm unfortunately. When it starts from cold it needs more starter motor to kick over than before. Nothing major. Overall im very happy. Konis arrived today
  9. I knew i had an oil leak somewhere on the engine and a power steering fluid leak from the steering rack, but didnt know how bad until a mate and i got under the car with some bright lights last night and discovered both rocker gaskets leaking, 1 badly the other really badly. My sump gasket is leaking, fairly badly (not the sump plug washer, the actual sump gasket.) My steering rack is leaking power steering fluid out of the steering rack gaitor. My power steering pump housing is leaking fluid all over the top of my engine. Its being mapped thursday to accommodate the td05, injectors, pump and map sensor and then its parts buying time.... again Im really looking forward to taking it all apart and fixing this problem myself with my mates. The sump leak has been undiagnosed despite 2 mechanics looking at it and been a pain in my !Removed! making me wonder where the stains under my car has come from lol And I have just this second won some brand new Koni inserts front and rear on ebay at an amazing price, no more bouncy wagon!
  10. Is my new Scooby Terminal?

    Sorry bud, its a sucky thing to have happen to you when you have just bought a car. In all honesty you will end up saving money and massive headaches by getting a refund and spending the extra on the 2.0. Plus you will get endorphines from having the 2.0
  11. 1993 JDM WRX 'Fix' thread

    I had to cancel my appointment with Bob Rawle last week which i was gutted about. I am looking to head down to see him at the end of the month, 1st map will be an eco map, hoping to see about 35mpg, and the second map will be what I can safely see, 300ish, I dont want to be breaking gearboxes tho lol.
  12. 1993 JDM WRX 'Fix' thread

    I had work at 4pm last friday and didn't finish it until 3pm lol, I started it and it was really rough, turns out i forgot to tighten up the bottom of the up pipe Fixed that and it ran a lot better. But I messed up the rear exhaust, it was not aligned properly and the gasket needed replacing. Sorted that today and it sounds a lot better and doesn't gas me out when i stop at traffic lights which is always a bonus! This has completely changed the car! It is insane! Pulls all the way through the rev range when the turbo kicks in, the old map pulled to 4000rpm and then dropped off and by 6000 it was gone. This sounds evil and is now a proper scooby!
  13. 1993 JDM WRX 'Fix' thread

    Then my turbo turned up and a corner had broken off So I created a steel washer, found the broken piece in the box and super glued the broken piece to the main bit just so that it would be in place when I tightened the bolts. Then I cleaned off my resonator delete and painted it with high temp gloss black. My air intake pipe was absolutely filthy, I think a 3 port catch can will be soon. Cleaned it all out with brake cleaner before fitting.
  14. 1993 JDM WRX 'Fix' thread

    I have been really busy with the wagon over the last few weeks, I have been stockpiling bits and pieces to all go on at the same time. TD05 turbo that has done aprox the same mileage as my car, 70 odd thousand miles. 2.8 bar map sensor Newage coil packs and pfr7 spark plugs gapped to 6mm as per request from bob rawle Walbro fuel pump Greddy up pipe ESL board with a 6k map on it that will work with my mods until I can get it mapped soon. Yellow injectors First though I had some maintenance and cleaning to do whilst I had space in the engine bay, my intercooler was proper messed up, so I bought a second and fixed the fins on that and just swapped them over. My old one Cleaning all done.
  15. whats peoples thoughts on lowering

    Quite possibly because its already quite a low car... It made the steering all twitchy and the tyres wear unevenly. A bad experience that im wary of repeating.