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  1. Hi, I own a 1993 WRX Wagon that apart from the exhaust and brakes is standard. Its really good to drive at an everyday speed. I dont need to brake to go around corners at sensible speeds, there are no knocking sounds, the suspension is old, my mechanic reckons its either the oe setup or well over a decade old. The car has done 75000ish miles in total. I guess all the bushes etc are original items. The Wagon suspension is very soft, loads of body roll, and also understeers a lot, at speeds it shouldnt really. I have 16" speedlines with toyo proxe t1r tyres with loads of grip left. The roads I drive in shropshire are shockingly bad, pot holes and folds in the tarmac, dips that jar the suspension, I also go into Wales where the roads are much better but mountain B roads. I will probably never go to a track day. Im not sure what to do first. Replace all the bushes, ive heard people say that polyflex? bushes are best for bad roads, rather than the hard nylon bushes. I cant afford the really expensive coilovers and dont want a rock hard ride for obvious reasons, so coilovers are out. Im thinking koni yellows with a spring set, not sure what yet. Ive also heard pro's and cons for the whole arb upgrade. Im leaning against it at the moment. If my front is stepping out possibly too early, I dont want my back end to go aswell. I would rather get a possible problem sorted then further down the road try upgrades. Front and rear strut braces. Some people swear by them, others dont. Has anyone tried them on a standard suspension wagon? To give some more background info, A friend was in a Kia Seoul and cornered faster than me on nearly every single corner on a 9 mile stretch of road. I was just understeering every single one of them. In the correct gear as fast as possible with no understeer he made quite a gap between us. The Kia Seoul was bog standard but only a couple of years old. I have never needed to do anything like this before, So any advice or experience would be very welcome! Thanks
  2. Just for anyone else who may be wondering the same question I bought mtec brake discs for my old 1.8 celica, I drive fast but not track fast, as you never know whats on the other side of a welsh mountain corner and they warped within a few months, spent a bit extra on some plain, no dimples etc brembos and didnt look back. Stuck with them ever since.
  3. Cheers bud, Im loving modding this car. It is taking all my cash though Its a good job i'm single as i wouldn't even want to take a girl to maccies on a date, I would begrudge the price of a happy meal Yeah so am I, a friend tipped me off and said they were not liked by people, so i read a review and im glad I didnt get them. Im looking at japspeed, but would also like to read up a bit more on the harvey manifold and up pipe. I have heard that the ported manifold is basically something you can do at home yourself with your own if you have a bit of confidence. But i think that a lighter stainless manifold might be better acoustically? The decat up pipe i would have to buy. Yeah cheers, I am planning on buying the bits and having it all done in one go. I was suprised aswell! One of the things i had read was jdm imports have alloy wishbones. But i have also read that early subarus are a real mix and match bag. Especially imports.
  4. Its time for a little update as I have been very busy for the last month or two, both work wise and car wise. I had my downpipe fitted and I absolutely love it! It has improved the sound no end and im not sure if its just because i was expecting to feel a difference or not but it feels a little bit different, slightly sharper. I bought a toyospeed manifold and up pipe and then read the reviews so cancelled the orders. I am now looking for a harvey manifold and up pipe. My rear brakes had a seized caliper so i put on some slightly larger single pot calipers and vented discs that i won for a tenner on fleabay, they were really minging but i didnt have time to clean them up before fitting them. Then my front brakes seized so i bought some 4 pots with discs and pads second hand off fleabay again. I fitted them and found my original wheels didnt fit on top So i ordered some cheap wheels with tyres off of impboy a seller on ebay and a week later had still not received them, mean while my car is up on stands for nearly a week and half, not happy! Ended up cancelling the order. I splashed out on a set of wheels i really liked with nearly new toyo proxes on and they arrived the next day of another guy on ebay. Well happy now! Fitted everything and still had problems, steering shake at 60mph and the car shaking whenever i brake. Ended up needing new discs as the others were warped and the wheels had the correct weights on in the wrong places lol. I then painted the rear calipers red to match the fronts but the front wheels were a darker red, i still need to paint them to match the rears. Now I am happy again! The car feels really good, handles a lot better and grips like a dream with the tyres and wider wheels. I phoned around about 6 garages around shrewsbury trying to get a decent quote to fix my leaking crank oil seal and fit a new clutch. They all said a minimum of £400 despite me already having the clutch and oil seal sitting in the corner of my room. They said they would follow the guide book which says all day, even if it only takes 3 hours they wont have booked any other work in so will loose money. So I went with my local mechanic who is still fairly new at the game but fairly priced. He said he would only charge what it took him to do the job. Paid £320 which wasnt too bad considering I messed up and bought a front crank seal and the car had to sit on his ramps till 2pm the next day when the rear crank seal turned up I bought a boost gauge and fitted it myself despite my doubts about messing with the wiring, I am not very good with that type of thing, ended up doing a good job despite a bucket load of stress! There are no definitive guides on line that i could find. Plain simple picture guides would of been a bonus, never mind job done! I won some WRX front seats for £26 and they are in good nick, fitted them and pound for pound they are the best mod so far! I am no longer flung around the car when cornering, I remain still and can feel what the car is doing so much better. On my to do list is Harvey manifold and up pipe, ESL, yellow injectors, fuel pump and TD05. Koni adjustables all round with possibly tein springs, not sure what spring to go for. Im guessing i may need to replace a wishbone for my next mot, judging by the rust. I will definitely need new door cards and rear seats at some point in the future to go with my new front seats. And i still need to repair, paint and fit my sti rear spoilers, repair my rear arches. And I just bought some sti rear lights I love this car!!! Below are some pics taken before work was done. And now some pics of the bits ive added on. This picture was taken straight after i fitted the front 4 pots and wheels, but before i painted the rear calipers.
  5. Cheers guys, thats a bit of a relief. Although im not very happy that i have had the car for nearly a year and thats the first time ive spotted that cable! Im going to have a look at it tomorrow.
  6. I'm not in a major rush but will be looking to buy one in the near future. If anyone has one they would like to sell then I'm interested. Thanks
  7. hi, could anyone tell me what this is for, i cant find the other end. I recently had a clutch change and found this when tinkering the other day. The thing is ive been experiencing a weird 'jerk' 'misfire' or 'hesitation' at low revs every now and again since the clutch change. Im wondering if its related.
  8. Ah nice 1 Stants, thanks for replying. Im glad they will just bolt on. I managed to find some 16" subaru 5x100 wheels that came off a car with 4 pots. They should be with me monday aswell. I dont know the make of them but will post some pics when they are on. I put the front on axle stands this afternoon and took a wire brush to the bolts and some wd40. Tomorrow i will crack them all off and make sure its all ready for monday.
  9. Hi, Does anyone happen to know if 2002 WRX 4 pots will be a straight swap onto my 1993/1994 WRX? I have done some research and someone says they should be but I am starting to worry a bit now. They should be with me on monday, so i have a little bit of time to find whatever else i need before then should I need to. Thanks
  10. Think I remember reading about that issue. The difference is Prodrive. The ones you used spacers for were Prodrive Speedline's and the others were standard speedline's. If I remember correctly that is.
  11. Hi, I have a seized front two pot caliper and been quoted the earth for a new caliper and disks and pads, so I have found some second hand 4 pots for sale with disks and pads for a lot less but need some new alloys that will go over them. I have found some speedline alloys but need to know if anyone recognises the style and can advise if they will work or not. They are 16" as I would prefer to avoid 17s at the moment. Thanks in advance.
  12. Cheers Tidgy, good call on popping to a dyno to check the afr. Didnt think about that! Will check out anything local now.
  13. Hi, I have a 1993 Import WRX Wagon. It has the Td04 turbo. I have put an induction kit on it and have a full 2.5" turbo back exhaust system with a sports cat. I would like to get it remapped but dont have enough for the esl and mapping yet. The car runs fine, it seems to be using a lot more fuel but is not lumpy or displaying any faults, I have reset the ecu but i would like to get another ecu and map on it. Is there anything anyone can recommend to do until i can get it mapped. The z4 ecu seems to come up when i search, but that is for the td05. Cheers
  14. Just wanted new pads fitting, didnt have time to do it myself due to work and an interview so had a local garage do it. The top slider had seized on the drivers side wheel, the bolt was turning and there was no way to get it off without cutting and ruining the slider. I was quoted about £40 odd quid for a new slider kit but they couldnt get it today. Also the set of pads they ordered were incorrect. The second time they ordered 3 different sets of pads also all incorrect. Sometimes my reg doesnt bring up any info and sometimes it brings up incorrect info due to it being JDM. Thankfully I had bought a few months ago off the marvelous bay of fleas a 1993 caliper and disc set for a tenner off an old JDM wagon. Old, crusty, chipped and faded white. But working! And all for a tenner! Because of the state of them I did have the idea of cleaning them up but never got around to it, and then was going to upgrade to twin pot in the future so forgot about them altogether. Got a lift home, picked them up and he said he would mix and match to get them working. 5 mins later he ruined my snooze in the sunshine to say he was going to have to swap the complete caliper over on both sides as despite both of them being single pot rear calipers off a jdm Subaru Wagon they were different sizes and didnt fit. The set on the car are Mitsubishi calipers and pads with a thinner non vented disc. Which was a massive suprise! The set now on the car are Mitsubishi calipers and pads with a thicker vented disc. The calipers are quite a bit bigger aswell. Two hours labour just to get my rear brakes working when it was just supposed to be pads and less than an hours labour :( £120 and some change. But it now stops on a dime! I hadnt realised how much stopping power i was missing! Just in time aswell, Im crossing the Welsh mountains tomorrow and heading to the coast... the long way round The roads the WRX was made for Lets just hope its sunny
  15. I remember the days when... Helter Skelter was a fair ground ride. When penny sweets cost a penny. When you could almost fill up a 1.0 litre metro with a fiver. When Helter Skelter was a massive rave. When Max Power magazine was cool. When the word Pirate stopped being applied to a fictional character and became the name for a person who stole digital information and played it back on a tv smarter than at least 50% of the population. When the word Pirate actually meant someone who steals a sea fairing vessel... again. When Helter Skelter yet again means a fair ground ride.