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  1. Hi all just wondering when the intervals for change timing belt are. My car is a 2005 blob at 285bhp Thanks
  2. 3 days without my car and I miss her [emoji22]
  3. Nope iOS I'm afraid. Scooby world do a witless odb connector, but it's £125.
  4. As title, has anyone done this successfully? If so, what have you used? Thanks
  5. Price quotes for taking it out and putting back in £200. I've had that same price from a few places. Recon the gearbox, depends what needs doing to it. Could be £300 could be £900. Then factor in a new clutch if needed and I think I'm looking at £1500, I did think of a 6 speed conversion, but you could easily double that. This way I'll have a nearly new gearbox. So happy days
  6. Just dropped her off, and they confirmed my suspicion. A bearing in the gearbox. He said it doesn't seem to bad. The tell tell sign was a bit of black on base of plastic on the gearbox dip stick and the smell of the oil. Hope that helps anyone else trying to diagnose similar problem. So I'm have the gearbox sent of for a full refurb. Having clutch checked and replaced if needed. Couple weeks and she'll be back on the road to terrorise the holiday makers lol
  7. What's the plate? Someone might be interested here
  8. Booked in for Tuesday morning. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of it. Fingers crossed. Whatever it is, it will be getting fixed. I intend to keep the car for many year.
  9. Couldn't see any leaks, maybe just vapour. Should I replace the canister or try adding some zip ties to the pipes?
  10. Think you're right savage. Day off today so had bonnet up then started the car. No smell from engine bay, but petrol smell around the charcoal filter area. Hope to get it on the ramps later and have a route around. Could the filter just need changing? Do they 'run out'?
  11. I've found a 'Subaru expert' in Bournemouth, about an hour from me, so I'll give them a ring tomorrow. Hopefully they can have a look at the car and we can get this fixed. They are called triton motor service. Has anyone heard of them?
  12. I have seen some on eBay with smaller holes, I think they are jdm spec.
  13. Just to add, car drive fine. Goes into gear fine. No crunching etc and only happen when touching the accelerator.
  14. Hi all well it seems a noise I've got with the car could be a bearing in and around the gearbox area. TBH I'm a bit gutted if it is. The noise sounds like a grinding kinda noise. Might be a bad description for noise, i first thought it was turbo spool, sound like something spinning, but not smoothly. More noticeable a 30mph or more, happens in every gear, in a straight line, round corners, everywhere really. But only happens when you touch the accelerator even the slightest touch of the pedal. Also I was doing about 40mph and took it out of gear with clutch engaged and you could hear it. Stationary, nothing. I've spoken to Alan Jeffries at Plymouth, who seems to be my closest Subaru specialist (2 hours away), unless someone knows any where else I can go, I'm in west dorset. They have said bring it down so they can road test it. That's great but should I drive it that far? I'm gonna go to another garage next week to try and get a second opinion, but part of me still thinks it something else. Can anyone offer any ideas/help?? Many thanks
  15. Well went to my local mechanic to see what he thought the noise was as I was get less sure it was a whooshing sound and more like a grinding noise. He thinks it could be a bearing in and around the gearbox area. Possible centre diff bearing?? Will start a new thread about it. Thanks all