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  1. Just saw your other post. Hope it works out. I think I would have my doubts too. Play on a pulley, that normally means a new one is needed to me, but I could be wrong too
  2. Hi hope you enjoy.
  3. Nice one, thanks
  4. Hi all, in a week or so I'm having my wheel refurbished and my factory wheel nuts are not up to standard and are wrong colour, so I'm looking for a new set. I've found scooby world has a set of black titans that look ok and I've seen a set of black rays (steel and uk seller) on the bay. Any advice on these or any others I should be looking at? They need to be black or smoked effect. Many thanks Ps my budget is around £40-£50
  5. Hi [emoji1]
  6. Book mine in to have wheel refurbished [emoji1]. Only a couple weeks to wait [emoji1]
  7. Agree with above. I went to get mine mapped and found out it was using ecutech software. Went to a mapper that uses the software and they had no problems. Try elsewhere if I was you.
  8. Finally got round to taking my disc off and painting the rusty looking bits. Should have done them when I fitted them earlier this year. School boy error [emoji1]
  9. Hi what size are the wheels? And is the strut brace front or rear? And is it from a classic or newage?
  10. I think I would be cautious at a cheap price to sell quick. Generally means get rid quick before something else goes wrong. Could be a good motor, but if it's a good one, why change it for a works vehicle. I.e. Loads of space, good mpg, new engine etc?? Personally having had a 2.0 NA, I know the engines are pretty much bulletproof, I'd be looking for one of those. Good luck with it and I hope it's a good one for you 🤞
  11. I see your reasons why. As i understand you need to. W doing close to 18,000 miles a year to get any gain from a diesel. Having said that, maybe a WRX or sti would not be beneficial to you, but on the other hand a diesel all wheel drive would only give you similar mpg to your civic (if smart driving). I had a Impreza 2.0L NA and got close to that mpg........ Again just my view [emoji1][emoji1]
  12. I would first ask 'why do I want a diesel?' What sort of mileage do you do a year? Work out cost comparisons, it takes quite a lot of miles per year to make any sort of gain from a diesel. Just my pennies worth [emoji1][emoji1]
  13. Hi

    Going by what Geoff has said. That should help. On another thing, what suspension set up do you have? If it's lowered, maybe go back to stock. That might help?? (He awaits someone to correct me lol)
  14. Hi

    Agree nice wheels. Wouldn't mind a set like those