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  1. Buying Trouble???

    It does seem a bit cheap to me too. If you look at them have a listen for any noises from the gearbox. They are the weak point of the wrx. Also look for rust on the sub frames and rear inner wings. Engine is pretty much bulletproof, but if they have been played with I’d ask for info on it all. On stock parts the most power you would get is around 280 hp ish. Anything above and it’s been messed with and the gearbox ‘should’ be safe to around 340 or so hp. Good service history and regular oil changes is what you should be looking for. I change mine every 4-5k, but I don’t race around everywhere. If you or previous owner has a heavy right foot I would say change oil every 3k. Good luck in you search.
  2. project blue

    What made you change you mind, out of interest?
  3. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    It worked for me last year, she bought me a load of parts [emoji1]
  4. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Good idea, but they all ready have a cross in them, but that's mashed up to. I picked up a set of new ones yesterday. If I had a dremel I would just cut the damn thing out, but don't have one yet. I keep mentioning that a dremel would be a handy thing to have, I guess Christmas is coming lol. Gonna try and beat an old imperial socket onto it to try and get it out. When I do I think I'll add some antiseize to them to hopefully prevent this happening again. [emoji1]
  5. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Check coolant after changing radiator yesterday, quick top up to correct levels. Went for a drive, ended up. Ring nearly 70 miles, never missed a beat and coolant appears all fine. Also topped up with some v power as a treat. TBH I don't live near any v power and normally use Tesco, but I intend to make a special trip as often as poss to get vpower in the future [emoji1] Also ordered the bolts that hold the under tray as one of the has rounded off, and is still there as couldn't remove it. Had to go to Subaru to get them, but price wasn't too bad. But has anyone got any tips on how to remove the offending bolt? It's rounded off and the cross head has also stripped. Tried to get a special socket for this job, but couldn't get one the correct size in local shops. Will order online if needed, just thought I'd ask if there are any other ways to remove it. Cheers
  6. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Oil change last week, spark plugs and radiator done today. All seems good, will check for leaks and top up if necessary tomorrow [emoji1]
  7. Newage rear anti roll bar links

    I like the sound of that [emoji1]. What age Audi A6?
  8. Silicone radiator hoses

    Think that's the way I'll go. Think I'll have a look at my bay and decide what I want it to look like. More is less or something like that lol
  9. Silicone radiator hoses

    Thanks. I'm unsure if I should do them all or just top and bottom hose. Think there are about 11 or so of them.
  10. Just a quick one, I've got myself a new radiator as mine is bowing on one side. I've no water leakage or overheating problems, but for piece of mind I've got a new one. It's only a oem one, but I'm not running high power. Now when I come to fit it I feel its the best time to add a bit of colour to the engine bay and change the hoses, with so many on the market ranging from £40-£200+, which ones do I go for? Many thanks
  11. Pet? What you got?

    No worries. Happy to help. I got into it in a big way. Watch the glass catfish. I had a few thinking the same only to find they hide a lot and a very fragile. But a very nice looking fish [emoji1]
  12. Pet? What you got?

    Love the tank. Used to have load of tanks myself then progressed to a marine tank. Now my scooby took over so no tanks. Happy to help with any advice you might need. One thing I will say is don't let angel fish take you eye, if you do you might find your new tetras become lunch for them. I made that mistake
  13. Ninja Exhaust Backbox For Sale.

    Damn, wish I had the money spare. Why are you selling? Out of interest
  14. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Could be boot seal (as saiid before) could also be the seals around the rear lights. And i believe there is an area in the jack compartment that can have an issue that can cause water to come through, but I'm unsure how or what to look for there. I had same issue, I was lucky and sealing the boot seal better fix it for me. Hope you find where yours is coming from.