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  1. Mine does as the car wash wash it with sandpaper apparently
  2. 1k of mods a remap is 550 quid on its own anywhere reputable lol
  3. Well why have a burger when you can have steak lol If u can afford the sti theres not even a decision to make go for that 6 speed Brembo brakes Much more versitile engine Chances are eventually you will want more power and spend the diffrence from a wrx to an sti anyway so save yourself the messing around and buy the sti 🍑 How much u wanna spend?
  4. ScoobyClinic have mapped mine twice and both times theyve been very professional and gone out there way to cater for exactly what i want i feel that everyones going to have there preferred garage but from all the work ive had done which is quite alot.I have 0 complaints the always look after me and even make me fancy coffee and i like coffee ☕
  5. You like me bieng buisy dont u matt lol Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. Right little update new battry clamp lol then an excuse for afew pics
  7. It certanly wasnt u rascal 🎈
  8. Seems too dear to me.u can pick up blob eye models same spec for less
  9. 50 quid?
  10. @Jay762 doesnt matter if u win by an inch or a mile winning is winning Ive waited my whole life to quote that line so thank you lol
  11. Finally proof evos are !Removed!
  12. My car was exactly the same It felt dangerous to drive Me an my mate with same car used to go for drives and his has uprated suspension and mine didnt and where he was going round country road corners with ease if i tried to keep up i was ending up on the other side of the road from so much bodyroll it felt like i was driving jelly i had to let off I had coilovers fitted and a full geometry set up and now its perfect and so precise through the corners i can even keep the power on round them. Also my car has got the sh itt est tyres know to man on they came with the car and i wont change them till there ready lol so i wouldnt worry too much about the toyos they will be a massive upgrade on mine and i always have toyo proxies by choice on all my cars
  13. Cats art the devils work, thou must destroy all cats Jesus Christ 3.156 Gabriel
  14. I havent got facebook so cant search only can get on links